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    Chris Spiegl got a reaction from Awerkamp in Web Bookmarks support for Brave   
    Understood. Just wanted to give the idea a +1 since I would appreciate it and seems like others would too.
    For now, I'll stick to managing all my Alfred related bookmarks in Safari then (trying to get rid of Chrome itself).
    Thanks for the insights @deanishe.
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    Chris Spiegl reacted to Subject22 in Restart Alfred Workflow   
    Thanks! I've updated the repo and the first post.
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    Chris Spiegl got a reaction from cands in Restart Alfred Workflow   
    Hi @Subject22, that's awesome, instead of going through all the hustle of setting up a fork and all, here is literally the only change we needed for this Workflow. It's only the script that needs adjusting, here is the fully working script as suggested by @cands.
    @Subject22 I hope this makes it easy for you to update everything.
    # Quit Alfred 4 and his preferences if application id "com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred" is running then tell application id "com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred" to quit end if set prefsWasOpen to false if application "Alfred Preferences" is running then set prefsWasOpen to true tell application "Alfred Preferences" to quit end if delay 1 # Wait for the processes to terminate # Restart and display processes tell application id "com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred" to activate if prefsWasOpen then tell application "Alfred Preferences" to activate end if # Display Alfred tell application id "com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred" to search  
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    Chris Spiegl got a reaction from cands in Restart Alfred Workflow   
    Thanks @cands for that tip. I changed it and updated the workflow and it works still — and hopefully will continue to do so indefinitely now.
    @Subject22 Would you mind updating the workflow? I could even provide the ZIP if that'd help you.
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    Chris Spiegl got a reaction from JJJJ in Ability to Duplicate Web Searches   
    I'm just giving this a bump since there has been no reaction. Is this you are considering?
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    Chris Spiegl got a reaction from luckman212 in Feature Request: Rich Text in Snippets and Clipboard History   
    I'd love to see Rich Text in the Clipboard History. Especially with a combination of "Paste as Rich Text" and "Paste as Plain Text" (default definable by the user in the Clipboard History settings.
    Rich Text support for the Snippets is also something I'd be looking forward to. Personally much more rarely used.
    The Rich text in Clipboard HIstory though ... it's huge. I always have to use a "Text Edit" file as my rich text clipboard history ?.
    PS. I know that other clipboard histories support this, but I am very happy with just using one app (Alfred) to do most of these things. #NoExtraBackgroundProcesses
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    Chris Spiegl got a reaction from Amir Raminfar in Paste function doesn't work on Mac OS Mojave [Resolved in Alfred 3.7 beta]   
    Sadly for me, it's not fixed. I'm still experiencing the same issue.
    Alfred 3.6.2
    Build 922
    macOS Mojave
    Version 10.14 Beta
    Build 18A336e
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