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  1. This workflow allows opening different GitLab URLs easily in the browser. USAGE: The workflow accepts three params: - GitLab namespace. Examples: 'fjsanpedro/alfred_workflows'. For quick resolution to the main GitLab repos, if this param is 'ce' or 'ee' it will open the Community or Enterprise Edition namepace - GitLab branch. Example: 'master', 'version-1-stable' - GitLab file path. Examples: 'app/models/project.rb' If only the GitLab namespace is provided, the workflow will open the main page of the namespace. If branch is also provided, it will open the project repository page opened by that branch. Lastly, if the file path is provided it will open the file path using the specified branch of the project namespace. NOTE: As a shortcut, if only two parameters are provided, namespace and file path, it will use 'master' as the default branch. Examples: gitlab ce master app/models/project.rb gitlab ee 10-8-stable-ee gitlab fjsanpedro/alfred_workflows gitlab ce app/models/project.rb NOTE: The keyword gl is also valid to call this workflow. Download: (Alfred v3) http://bit.ly/2NQ2y14
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