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  1. Hi Pals, I don't know if somebody notice the web-search translate function it doesn't work. Well, in my case on Catalina the url translate function return a error, well, for that, I share with you a way to fix it with a own websearch function. You can add a custom search with the next parameters: Search URL: https://translate.google.com/?sl=en&tl=es&text={query} // this is the new url where translate english to spanish Title: any text Keyword: your keyword to enable the translation And save. Now when enable your search and write yo
  2. Whats up, @vitor and @deanishe, all is ok. Thanks for your help, and don't bother me any comment. I am newbie here and really appreciate all your help. See you in my next doubt.
  3. Gracias @deanishe por la ayuda, por lo pronto coloco el proceso por si alguien pasa por la misma duda. El flujo del proceso para: Copiar selección Abrir aplicación Aplicar un shortcut que corresponde a la aplicación Pegar el texto copiado y ejecutar. 1. Se agrega un Hotkey con la siguiente configuración: aplicar el hotkey para el workflow seleccionar el argumento (existen varios), en mi caso es: Selection in macOs, ya que yo quiero copiar y pegar el texto seleccionado. 2. Agrego un Launch App & De
  4. @deanishe thanks for your help. Ill check it.
  5. Hello pals, I know how to open an app, but I want, when the app is open, call a shortcut. My idea, I have a text in my clipboard, after that, I open the app, call the shortcut (the app shortcut) and paste the text. Thanks in advanced for your help.
  6. Thankssss, great work. Many thanks
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