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  1. Thanks to the new privacy model in Mojave, I can't seem to get terminal commands from Alfred to run in iTerm2. In essence, it doesn't appear that setting the Terminal/Shell application to "custom" and then using AppleScript to open iTerm2 triggers the TCC (?) permissions seeking popup, so there is no permission from the OS for Alfred to open iTerm2. Has anyone figured out a workaround since the Security & Privacy prefpane doesn't allow ADDing of Automation permissions.
  2. I am using Alfred 3 (release) [i am a Mega Supporter. I noticed the "Pref Cog" disappeared from my Alfred Theme. I assumed this was a problem with the Appearances preferences, so I accessed Alfred's preferences,selected "Appearance", and then "Options", and I noticed the "Options" pane does NOT appear to have an option for showing the Pref Cog. Should I assume this is a bug? If not, please restore the feature... I know I can access Alfred's preferences by just typing "preferences" but prefer the cog.
  3. I love the idea of this, but it doesn't appear to work for me.
  4. This one doesn't work for me. Just gave it a simple test and it didn't detect my VPN set up (which is using a VPN setup within the Network settings, which appears to be what the AppleScript is looking for). Can't tell you more than that for now. May experiment with the AppleScript later to try to ID the problem.
  5. I have to report that I seem to be having extensive problems with DropBox syncing of preferences with Alfred 2. I upgraded to version 2 with PowerPack yesterday. I originally set up syncing of the references to ~/Dropbox/Application Support/ but before I had even going Alfred 2 running on a second Mac, I noticed that settings related to the appearance would not stick (the Hat wouldn't say out of sight and the menu bar item wouldn't stay selected). Also noticed Custom search URLs were not saved. After several cases where I completely wiped out all the ~/Library/com.runningwithcr
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