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  1. I second that. In addition to "play" perhaps there can be "band" and/or "song" keywords, that they will show a list of songs by the artist or the song you're searching for, and the next step would be as with "play", to play it.
  2. Or single-tap it in my case. Okay, got the hang of it. The problem was indeed the need for opacity in my theme. Now that I've experimented... I've come to this conclusion: Andrew, could you please share the theme you showed in the opening post?
  3. Can you attach a screen shot showing the opacity setting? I don't see it anywhere... Edit: okay, I see... this requires some theme editing know-how. Must say the controls are very not user-friendly. Trying to get the hang of it.
  4. Hmm, this fails for me as well... :/ OS X 10.8.3 Alfred v2 official release build 1. Quit Alfred 2.1. Launched Terminal 2.2. Executed: defaults write com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred-2 experimentalBlur -float 3.0 3. Launched Alfred Still looks as before.
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