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  1. Thank you Tsunami for the link. Following a hint there, I can now 'open' an app by invoking the Alfred input window (ctrl-space bar) and typing the word 'open' then the name of the app I want to launch, e.g. 'OPEN WORD' to launch MS Word. This is an acceptable work-around; not going to complain about a few extra finger strokes and a second or two. BUT, it's not how Alfred used to work - by simply starting to type the actual name of the app w/o 'open' as a precursor command. One of those things I guess.
  2. MacOS 10.13.6 on a 6,1 MacPro - Alfred has been used all day every day for a couple years. Recently, it does not find an installed app after invoked with control space - sees no installed apps at all. I suspect I've inadvertently changed a setting but can't figure out. I've tried ctrl-space, opt-space and cmd-space. I've purged its cache. For example, if I type 'word', expecting to see the MSWord app listed and ready to launch, I see Alfred preparing to launch Chrome and search for the word 'word'. A little help please . . .
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