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  1. Glad to hear that. I'm using it frequently, means you can count on an update if this should break in the future. Regarding your question: Enabling SMB in "System Preferences > Sharing > File Sharing > Options..." could potentially solve this problem. Please let me know if this works for you.
  2. Unfortunately this is not possible with this workflow. I remember that there's one which uses bookmarks instead of discovery.
  3. Seems that this has been fixed. Update and enjoy.
  4. This is a bug in which should be fixed in an upcoming release. See here:
  5. That's odd, this workflow isn't supposed to handle recent items. To summarize, you see a list of hosts after typing vnc in Alfred but then it fails once you want to connect to a host, is that right? For me it still works, which makes it hard to debug. Can you give me more details, e.g. what are the exact names of the computers you try to connect to?
  6. This is just for connecting/disconnecting from remote drives.
  7. I just pushed a new version. Changes: - ~/.bash_profile and ~/.profile are now sourced if available (thanks andi-w00t) - is now executed without spawning a subshell.
  8. No worries, I'm not insulted and I agree with you. As a contributor to the homebrew-cask project and the guy who wrote the brew-cask plugin bundled with oh-my-zsh, I hope you keep up the good work! There's definitely potential in this project. Are there any plans regarding a GUI app for the non-devs out there?
  9. I didn't expect a code review here. Feedback appreciated, but as I don't have time to refactor it, feel free to open a pull request.
  10. This workflow has been updated to fix problems with recent versions of homebrew-cask.
  11. @altryne The progress window is neat!
  12. Solution was to add /usr/local/bin to the $PATH within the script. no need to source .bashrc anymore. Thanks, Patrick
  13. The problem is fixed. Please reinstall the workflow by using the download link in the first post.
  14. What did you add?