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  1. A workflow to trigger Homekit scenes and accessories. https://twitter.com/foogywoo/status/1121606023679229953/photo/1 Download: https://github.com/foogywoo/HKAlfred/raw/master/distribution/HomeKit.alfredworkflow Github: https://github.com/foogywoo/HKAlfred Downside: Homekit still being a private framework on macos SIP needs to be disabled for it to work.
  2. I really like this plugin so I updated it to work with Mailtags 5. I also had to do a small fix for when the Alfred plugins folder is stored in iCloud. Thanks again to Carlos-Sz for the original plugin. Cheers, Version 2.6 Release date: August 11 2018 Requires: Apple Mail app and MailTags 5 Download now
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