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  1. With Big Sur it's now officially possible to create a macos HomeKit application. Which means SIP doesn't need to be disabled. Still, I think Alfred would actually need to add an option to request user permission for HomeKit access. I'm getting the following error when trying to run my little HomeKit helper tool through a script filter node. Refusing authorization request for service kTCCServiceWillow and subject Sub:{com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred}Resp:{{ID: com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred, PID[19281], auid: 501, euid: 501, responsible path: '/Applications/Alfred 4.app
  2. A workflow to trigger Homekit scenes and accessories. https://twitter.com/foogywoo/status/1121606023679229953/photo/1 Download: https://github.com/foogywoo/HKAlfred/raw/master/distribution/HomeKit.alfredworkflow Github: https://github.com/foogywoo/HKAlfred Downside: Homekit still being a private framework on macos SIP needs to be disabled for it to work.
  3. I really like this plugin so I updated it to work with Mailtags 5. I also had to do a small fix for when the Alfred plugins folder is stored in iCloud. Thanks again to Carlos-Sz for the original plugin. Cheers, Version 2.6 Release date: August 11 2018 Requires: Apple Mail app and MailTags 5 Download now
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