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  1. Thanks Vero! I'll update them. There is an open support request with them. They did some troubleshooting and suggested seeing what troubleshooting steps I could take in Alfred. So I'll relay your information and continue with 1p support.
  2. Per 1p, I've disabled the 1click feature in Alfred, disabled the 3rd party integrations in 1p, restarted, enabled 3rd party integrations within 1p, and re-enabled 1click bookmarks in Alfred to no avail. The mentioned updates to the urls are reflected but I've still got the issue where the bookmarks do not launch in a separate window like they do when opening any other url. Maybe uninstall, re-install Alfred? Is it possible to roll back to the previous version?
  3. Recently I've discovered that updates to my 1Password logins are not being picked up (such as switching the url from http to https in 1p). It continues to use the old login information. Today I updated to the most recent Alfred update and now anytime I use Alfred to open a 1p login, it doesn't seem to respect my Safari setting of 'Never' open in existing window (aka always launch in new window). This is very frustrating as I think it is not working but is actually opening in a minimized Window not on screen. I'm not sure whether this is something specifically related to
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