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  1. this might be an obvious thing, but did you actually download the workflow and installed it? even if you did the sudoer part wrong, it must still work and ask for your password. it worth nothing that your windows partition must be named as BOOTCAMP (where you see /Volumes/BOOTCAMP/ in script). if all that failed, you can change the script to the one below: tell application "Finder" set iconPath to (get name of startup disk) & ":Applications:Utilities:Boot Camp Assistant.app:Contents:Resources:DA.icns" as alias end tell do shell script "bless -mount /Volumes/BOOTCAMP/ -legacy -setBoot -nextonly; shutdown -r now" password "YOURPASSOWRD" with administrator privileges this one have your account password in it. Remember to change YOURPASSOWRD.
  2. if you type who in terminal, you'll see your username
  3. your username does not have a space in it. it's impossible. just use your username all lowercase without any space in it.
  4. did you try that with new version? http://hadifarnoud.tumblr.com/post/51391217556/painless-restart-to-windows-with-alfred-shell-script-v2 follow these instruction
  5. Thanks. that's the config problem solved. now, how can I avoid asking user's password every time?
  6. Hi folks, I often find myself in an usecure wifi network. I don't want to go though the hassle of building a VPN server and I don't like hotspot shield. I ssh tunnel to my server and set socks proxy. it's a hassle so I figured many others may like this workflow too. however, I have a tiny issue. my scripts ask for user's password too many times. if only they could set password in workflow or change script to include the password. It's a shell script. Get it here PS: is there any way to ask user to configure this workflow after installing? like setting their ssh user and server?
  7. it would be great if I can change this workflow to ask user for password once. anyone?
  8. I wrote a new post for this workflow here
  9. it might be rEFIt. I have the same macbook. let me know if you found the root of the problem. finding out what's wrong is one thing, fixing it another.
  10. Thanks You don't have to enter password everytime. please follow these instructions: http://hadifarnoud.tumblr.com/post/44852828042/painless-restart-to-windows-with-alfred-shell-script EDIT: Please note that is the old version of the workflow. you just follow this part: First, you need to edit your sudoer file to allow bless command to run without needing password. sudo nano /etc/sudoers just after %admin ALL=(ALL) ALL add this line (replace Username with your username) Username ALL = NOPASSWD: /usr/sbin/bless Username ALL = NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/osascript
  11. In OSX most app icons in menu bar can be removed by holding down command and drag the icon off. it does not work with Alfred though
  12. Thanks. I add your name in my tumbler post too
  13. Great. That's a good start. I can improve upon it
  14. diskutil info BOOTCAMP gives me what I want. I dont know how to parse that output and just get /dev/disks0p4 out of it for example (in bash).
  15. that would work for most cases. right? I mean Bootcamp always use the same name?
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