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  1. Hm... I think this is the only reason why I will not be using Alfred. Will switch to another software. I need my keywords to be case sensitive. I want the text to be adequately capitalized if a word appears in the beginning or the middle of the sentence.
  2. This website (http://alfred.danieldiekmeier.de/ ) does not seem to be able to be able to convert from aText. I tried to convert as either aText file or as CSV one. Neither worked. I got an error message. Any advice on an easy solution for aText? (FYI: I have no clue how to run this one https://github.com/csepulv/atext2alfred). Thank you for your help! Here is the error I am getting trying to convert CSV into Alfred via http://alfred.danieldiekmeier.de/: Error: Wrong Mime Type at fileFilter (/home/danjel/te2a3-server/index.js:21:19) at wrappedFileFilter (/home/dan
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