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  1. I don't user any app cleaners. I have Alfred on cmd-space, and spotlight shortcut is off. Yes, it was shown in the Activity Monitor, but not reacting on the main shortcut. I was removing permissions in next order: Full disk access -> Accessibility -> Contacts, and each time was trying to start Alfred after force quitting it, and only after Contacts access removed it started working again
  2. After a couple of reboots problem reappeared, I had to do the same steps😒
  3. Thanks it helped! After going here I've tried turning off permissions, but the Alfred checkmark wasn't reacting on the click - I've missed the minus icon!
  4. Is there any other caches/app files that can be cleaned to solve this? I tried reinstalling the app..
  5. First time after update it worked well, but after reboot it stopped working. It's listed in Activity Monitor, but hotkey not working and there's no icon in the status bar. I tried removing folder from Application support - after launch there're initial steps like license, migration, etc, but after they pass - it doesn't work the same way as at the beginning. Here's console log, filtered with `Alfred`: https://gist.github.com/PhilipDukhov/746b4c55b7e8cc763d67d1787942509e P.S. funny detail - clipboard history shortcut works, but the history is empty; append clipboard shortcut do
  6. I wanna run my workflow each time display sleeps, how can I do it?
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