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  1. Hey @Bhishan-- I decided to post this to the forum in case it helps someone else out. There were two main things I was doing wrong. First was running each variable on its own thread. For what I was doing, the proper thing to do was to have everything on one thread (and therefore running one after the other). The second issue I was having was with filters. You'll need to google to understand exactly why it happens (I don't understand it well enough to explain it), but I was having unwanted newlines & whitespace in the output. This meant filters weren't working as I expected (since the input to the filter had newlines etc I didn't know about). That was fixed by using some `Transform` and `Replace` utilities. I'll attach both of the workflows based around the original workflow. Hope these workflows help you figure it out -Scott Create a new note with or without selected text with Zettelkasten metadata Create a new note (with or without selected text) & PDF from Safari tab with Zettelkasten metadata Screenshots: New note: New note & PDF:
  2. @Andrew Thank you so much for taking the time to actually teach me what was going on rather than just supplying an answer! I've now got the workflow running great and have expanded it ? @deanishe thanks for the explanation… I updated my applescripts and they're working great!
  3. Hey there. First off I'm not a programmer so I apologize for the abomination you're about to witness in this workflow. So here's my issue: I'm trying to write a workflow that I can use to select text in Safari, hit a hotkey and have a .md file created in a specific folder. That's fine and I've got that working. The problem I'm having is when I start to try to use multiple variables. I'm sure it's something I'm doing, but I simply can't get more than one variable to be written in the file. I've tested each variable by either having it copy to the clipboard or having it post to large type and they all work, but for some reason I can't get all the variables working together. I strongly suspect I'm missing something about how to use variables even though I've been googling about this till my fingers bleed lol. Alfred v3.6.2 macOS 10.13.6 Link to workflow Thanks for any help! -Scott The variables are: {uid} (date:yyyyMMddHHmm) {url} (current tab's url) {title} (current tab's title) {selection} (selected text in Safari) And here's what I'm trying to get: Filename: {var:uid} {var:title}.md Contents of file: UID: {var:uid} Source: {var:url} Tags: # MyNoteTitleHere MyNotesHere --- ## {var:title} {var:selection}
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