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  1. The link is down. Could you upload it again, please?
  2. Strike Workflow for Alfred For those who doesn't know Strike, is a torrent search engine with a clean and nice interface and a complete API (used in this workflow, of course) I've made a workflow that allows you to search torrents inside Alfred, showing the size of the file, the seeds and leechers, and the category. For start downloading with your default torrents client, just press enter. Download. I hope you like it * Thanks to the developers of qWorkflow library and JSON Helper, that saved me a lot of time.
  3. It would be nice to allow search between the last recent entered commands, like 'Ctrl+R' in a shell, for example. Now you can navigate with the up arrow but you have to go though all the history until you find it, and also you cannot go forward if you miss the one you were looking for, you have to start over. Or maybe I'm doing it wrong and there is another way already, who knows Thank you.
  4. First of all, probably many of you will not know what is Filmaffinity. It is a really big database of movies and series like IMDB, but in Spanish. Then, I would like to explain that this is not made with a public API of the web, it is just made with curl, xpath and posts. Yeah, sucks, but it's the only way. Let's go with the workflow: How it likes Movie Layout Search Layout What we can do? Search by title, original title and director See many information of the film (Director, Cast, Rating, Year, Country, Genres, Plot, etc.) Rate a film or change your rating Add to your watch lists See your friends' and soulmates ratings Plot Of course, the plot is not only what you see above. You can see all the plot just like this: Just a little configuration Well, obviously, I can't access your rating and vote for you if you don't log in with your credentials. You just need to edit the config.txt file: FA_Nick=<nick> FA_UserName=<username> FA_Password=<password> The other thing is that you need to add yourself as a friend of Filmaffinity because the web loads asyncronously your rating info but synchronously your friends ratings, so if you appears between your friends it is easier to retrieve your ratings. And that's because I need also the FA_Nick to discard you from the 'Friends ratings' section and take your rating. Of course, if you don't want to set up your user and password, you can use as well all the other features of the workflow. I hope anyone on the forum to be a Filmaffinity user . Anyway I made it for me, and I wanted to share it, so here it goes: Download (v1.0). P.S.: If is there any English user of the web, it's always possible to make an english version.
  5. Hmm... I don't think so. You mean the results of the workflow, I mean the trigger of the workflow.
  6. I mean, when I type 'tr' and click 'Transmission.app', Alfred remembers it for the next time and bring it on top of the results. But it doesn't work for the workflows. I type 'tr' and click my Google Translate workflow 'Translate' and the next time it appears on the fourth position again
  7. This works fine, not the cleanest way, but meanwhile... The right thing is not to do the wait in the script, but before running. Something like a timer, cancelled and delayed 100ms more on every keyboard type.
  8. I agree it would be really cool to set icons from external URLs. Could be possible? I'm making a workflow to search films on Filmaffinity and would be great to show thumbs of the films posters without saving temps
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