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  1. Ah ok that makes sense! I guess I haven't been using any of those yet
  2. Thanks for the answer! And yes I'm aware. Changing the autocomplete to instead looping through the results is exactly what I'd like to achieve (never really understood the point of the autocomplete?)
  3. When looking at search results in Alfred I'd like to be able to cycle through them with a Tab, instead of with the up and down arrows. (With TAB, my hand does not need to change position). Is there a way to achieve this? Thanks a lot! Timon
  4. Hi there, is there a way to set "tab" to go to the next result (just as when you type a search into your Google Chrome search bar and then hit tab to scroll through the results) instead of having it be auto-complete? That would make it much easier to use Alfred! Having to move your right hand to reach the arrow keys to do this takes much more time than if one could use the "tab" key.
  5. Hi deanishe, thanks so much for this workflow (it's maybe the one I use the most often!!). I was wondering about the following: When you hit command-enter on a calendar event that has a location it automatically opens it in Google Maps. I would ideally like to hit command-enter and automatically open Google Maps with the directions from my current location (similar to what 'dirfc' from this workflow does https://github.com/stuartcryan/advanced-google-maps-alfred-workflow). Is this possible somehow? Cheers
  6. Hi guys, I'm pretty new to Alfred so please excuse if this is a very basic question. I would like to open some websites (e.g. Google Calendar) in the browser using Alfred just like I would open an application. I know it's possible to set up a custom search with a fixed URL, but then I have to type the exact shortcut I set up for that fixed URL. I would like the search to work similarly to opening apps on my Mac where the search is fuzzy (to open "Google Chrome" I can start typing "gc", "ch", "go"). Any ideas? Thanks! Timon
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