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  1. thank you for making this! after using it i think the notification on the top right should be displayed for a few more seconds as I think it's too quick.. or maybe make it so that it goes away only when you click it
  2. Downloaded latest update and ankiconnect but im getting a message saying waiting-for-refresh. Nothing happens when I use the refresh under settings, would appreciate some advice!
  3. Thank you. I tested it out, but the Zoom Meeting URL doesn't get copied to my clipboard. Other than that, it works great
  4. CuteCat

    Pure black

    a black theme suited for dark mode users. download link: https://www.alfredapp.com/extras/theme/v2HN72xhbU/ considerations I played around with: - opacity and greyness for unselected text - white text on active elements to stand out - a lighter grey background on active text for contrast - a green indicator bar( if there's more options, ) to contrast white backgrounds in browser enjoy!
  5. Oh, DnD interaction is interesting, thanks for letting me know! ☺️ No worries! I'm grateful enough for the time you put into it!
  6. My fav timer app because it keeps making a sound, and so it's particular useful when you've left your computer and just come back 😄 An added ability to write down a timer name or reminder would be amazing! (I normally use this when cooking, so it'd be great to write 'take out the vegetables' lol
  7. It'd be great if we could have different styles for the cursor in the search bar! A block style for the cursor would be awesome, and perhaps having the option to thicken the cursor width in the themes section.
  8. @AlexMartinFR Thank you for your work, this is absolutely lovely
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