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  1. Oh, I forgot, these are my system specs in case you need them for reproducing this or sth:
  2. While investigating input delay after upgrading to High Sierra (setting blur below 50% fixed it, as mentioned here fixed it for now), I found this weird behaviour: When setting the blur to about here: my Alfred window suddenly had a gradient background: While this is a bit much, I'd love to be able to have a gradient background in my theme, which could look amazing I think.
  3. Sorry to say this, but purging inactive memory is a horribly stupid idea once you know what inactive memory really is. I know it sounds useless from the name of it, but read this stack overflow answer, then you'll know why ;P
  4. When I open up Alfred, open Fantastical from within Alfred and then hit Escape to dismiss Fantastical, the focus is not restored to the previously used window. I've already pointed this out to Flexibits support, but they think this is more likely an Alfred thing than a Fantastical thing. I could imagine the problem could be solved by Alfred closing it's window (thereby restoring focus to the previous window) _before_ launching the selected application.
  5. what the title says, in general i'd like as much info as possible to be displayed
  6. It would be cool if the contact picture was shown in the results list when searching for contacts
  7. Yes, typing one or two characters is one or two keystrokes more than just hitting enter. This is about efficiency
  8. I've uploaded an updated version, see original post for more info.
  9. I am about to post an updated version that makes setting the language much easier, just wait a few minutes Yes, I have. The answer was that they got this request many times already, and will look into it for a future release.
  10. use 'uk' (also, changing this will become a little bit easier and persistent across updates in some hours or so)
  11. Right now, workflow feedback can only point to icons that are accessible via the local file system. It would be very nice if workflows could put icons from HTTP URLs into feedback without downloading them (synchronously) themselves. So, for example, a workflow that searches for movies via some API could pass cover URLs that the API returns with the search results as feedback icons and display those. The advantage of Alfred downloading the icons instead of the workflow is that: 1) Alfred can download the icons asynchronously, so the user can action an item even before the icon is loaded. The UI keeps responsive, which is very important 2) Alfred knows more about what icons are currently visible, and which are not, so Alfred could only load the visible icons to save bandwidth, and load others as the user scrolls
  12. Okay I guess it does make sense to have the function that tab currently delivers. I would love to have the option to make Enter always do the same though. So even when choosing a folder to copy/move a file to, I'd like Enter to descend into a subfolder, and use only the right arrow to choose the folder. I believe consistency is a very important thing to get users to accept shortcuts, and "Enter descends into subfolders except when I am choosing a copy/move target folder" is not very consistent so please please add an option for this?
  13. The iTunes API does return some icon URLs, but atm Alfred only accepts icons that are on the local drive. I could download those icons into some kind of cache folder, but that would take time, especially on slow connections, and since users probably won't see the same app very often, i don't think that's worth it. As soon as Alfred supports http urls for icons, i will of course add this
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