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  1. Great! I added a similar script in the same workflow, but with the ⌘ modifier, for when you want to edit the details before saving. It opens the list of calendars for you (I often add things to both my personal and my work calendar.) on run set the clipboard to "{query}" as text tell application "Calendar" to activate delay 0.5 tell application "System Events" keystroke "n" using {command down} keystroke "v" using {command down} keystroke return delay 0.5 key code 48 key code 125 end tell return "{query}" end run
  2. bivalvegruff

    Pocket for Alfred

    Great workflow! Don't know if it's being updated anymore, but I wish I could search for word without the order of the words being a match. For example typing "pocket youtube tesla" would filter out all pocket articles from YouTube with the word Tesla anywhere. Or "pocket youtube tesla downtown" would show the video "Driving through downtown with a Tesla" on YouTube. I guess what I'm trying to say is I really like Teslas.
  3. Trying to make a workflow with this, with a keyword followed by a script – which coding language is this / should I select?
  4. bivalvegruff

    Merge last "N" number of clipboards

    Nicely done, this makes the clipboard a lot more useful! I noticed that if I only have two clips in the clipboard and execute cm3 (more than I have), it messes up the clips, if you want to do some touching up. It's good as it is though.
  5. bivalvegruff


    Here's a similar workflow for calendar events. https://github.com/rtoshiro/alfred-workflows-addcalendarevent
  6. Thanks, didn't realize that was why. I deleted the completed tasks that weren't assigned a project and now the command works just fine Also, big thanks for this workflow!
  7. Any way to prevent the workflow from showing completed actions when I use .li to list all tasks in the inbox?
  8. bivalvegruff

    Safari Assistant

    The feature to show iCloud tabs is brilliant! Is there any way to add options like closing iCloud tabs through Alfred, like you can close local ones? And how can I PayPal you a beer?
  9. You should only have to do that once.
  10. bivalvegruff

    Polyglot - yet another Google Translate workflow

    Ah, I suspected that was the issue. I haven't, because I don't really know what it does. Are there any security issues with it? I've heard javascript isn't quite safe.
  11. bivalvegruff

    Yet another date calculator

    Excellent workflow, many thanks!! I have a couple of suggestions: Date format yymmdd. Output format in number of days, not months, years, or weeks, without words – to make it easy to work with in eg Numbers. Calculating accumulated time, like 20180102-20180107 + 20180327-20180328. :)
  12. bivalvegruff

    Safari Assistant

    That solved it! I didn't remember doing that when I first installed Alfred. Thank you very much for your extensive and extremely swift answer!
  13. bivalvegruff

    Safari Assistant

    After updating to Mojave, I get an error saying "operation not permitted" when using "tabs" command. I've tried removing the workflow (and its settings in library) and re-installing it, but it still won't work. Alfred and Alfred Helper have access to system settings. What can I do? Thanks for a great workflow!