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  1. After trying to run the script, go into system settings – integrity (or something like that). There should be a box offering you to run the script anyway. Press that and then try to run the script again. I had to fiddle around a bit with this with some workflows before I got it to work.
  2. I use Mullvad, and their own app. I toggle it simply by killing its process with keyword kill (https://github.com/pstadler/alfred-top) and by running the app to toggle it back on.
  3. Another set of emojis is on the way with no update to this workflow unfortunately. Looks like I'm back to using ⌃⌘␣
  4. That's the difference compared to the built-in search in Alfred? 🙂
  5. Will this be updated with the new emojis introduced with the latest Mac update? 🦾
  6. I don't think there's anything you can do about it, but @deanishe linked to a solution (several workflows have this problem with Catalina):
  7. This broke with Catalina. I'm getting an error message saying that Apple can't verify that it doesn't contain sabotage software and that the developer has to update its "app" (workflow).
  8. This broke with Catalina. Something about security and the developer having to update its "app" (workflow). The error message won't present itself again, it just doesn't work now.
  9. I'm missing the flag for Åland, I noticed it's not in the free country flags website. Åland belongs to Finland, but is an autonomous province (with its own flag). Would it be possible to add their flag, or if not, have it represented by the Finnish flag rather than by the question mark flag? Thanks!
  10. Alternative: make a Time machine backup of your old laptop, plug it into the new one, restore Alfred from the backup using Time machine app. I think that's how I did it.
  11. This one doesn't work with Mojave 🙁
  12. Cool! SIP needing to be disabled is a shame though. 😔
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