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    bivalvegruff reacted to vitor in DownMedia — Download media from popular sources   
    Major Update.

    Changed name to DownMedia. Instead of a single dv option for video and audio, now there are separate dv and da. In addition to downloading the clipboard URL, added an option to download the URL from the frontmost browser tab. Enhanced checks: if no URL is available, even in the clipboard, download can’t be actioned. dvp to see the progress has been changed to dp. Interface has received modifications in general, regarding how information is presented. There’s no longer a separate DownVid + WatchList option. There is instead a add_to_watchlist Workflow Environment Variable that controls the default behaviour (toggle on a case-by-case basis with ⌥). External Triggers have been modified to only take a URL as argument. External Triggers have more descriptive names. Added a Hotkey to auto-download the URL from the frontmost tab. Services have been updated to reflect the new options. Removed watchlist_download_dir Workflow Environment Variable, since that can be handled by the latter’s move_on_add.
    Check the top post for a streamlined view (with screenshots) of the new behaviour.

    To update, download the latest version (new URL) or wait a few days and it’ll prompt you to on next usage, since it uses OneUpdater.
    If after a week an update hasn’t triggered, please let me know.
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    bivalvegruff reacted to Acidham in Alfred 1Password Search   
    I think yes 🤔
    1. build in search for bookmarks (url) only.
    2. build in opens url in browser, this WF opens in 1Password
     but maybe I am missing something and it is possible there is no difference...let me know !
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    bivalvegruff reacted to Acidham in Alfred 1Password Search   
    Another Workflow to search 1Password items and open in 1Password.
    Download on Git
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    bivalvegruff reacted to Ryan McGeary in Alfred Emoji: Search emojis by name or keyword   
    See https://github.com/jsumners/alfred-emoji/issues/35. We're waiting on some upstream dependencies before we can do this.
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    bivalvegruff reacted to deanishe in (faster) Menu Search   
    A slightly awkward solution was posted here.
    That workflow's written in Go, but it's the same problem (alfsubl is the name of the executable in that workflow; change as appropriate).
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    bivalvegruff got a reaction from xilopaint in Menu bar search   
    This broke with Catalina. I'm getting an error message saying that Apple can't verify that it doesn't contain sabotage software and that the developer has to update its "app" (workflow).
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    bivalvegruff reacted to Jarek in TimeZones - a World Clock script filter [updated to v1.7]   
    Try v2.15:

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    bivalvegruff reacted to CarlosNZ in TimeZones - a World Clock script filter [updated to v1.7]   
    Here's another little tool I've just whipped up:

    Get an instant list of the current time in various cities around the world. Which you can customize, of course.
    Main keyword: tz (for TimeZones) - this just shows the World Clock list (seen above). (Select a city for a Large Type display.) To remove a city from the list - option-select it. To add a new city - timezone add Name of City To update all cities' timezone offset information - timezone update To look up the time in a place without storing it (custom loookup), just keep typing the place name after the initial tz (eg. tz timbuktu) To move the location of your stored city list - timezone move Download v1.7a
    This workflow saves a list of your cities and their UTC offsets locally, so the basic world clock will display instantly. Adding new city information is done via an API call to Google Wolfram Alpha. The only downside to locally cached offsets is that there's no provision for automatically updating for Daylight Savings changes, but a manual timezone update will refresh all the cities with their current offset.
    Enjoy. As usual, I welcome comments, bug reports, feature requests, etc.
    28 March 2013 - UPDATE to v1.5
    Major rewrite - now uses Google Maps APIs, which should be a lot more reliable and consistent. Flag icons! Bit of eye candy, courtesy of http://www.free-country-flags.com (and managed to squeeze flags for every country in the world into just over 400k - thank you TinyPNG ) More detail retrieved and displayed, including timezone name, country, etc. When doing a full "update", a text file is saved to your Desktop summarising any changes found. General enhancement and tweaks. PLEASE NOTE: Because this version stores its data substantially different to previous versions, it will create a new timezones.txt file with default cities. However, it will attempt to save your old timezones.txt file to your Desktop, so you should be able to rebuild your previous list without too much hassle.
    A quick note about the flags: The workflow simply compares the retrieved name of the country and does a simple name match against the workflow's local repository of flag icons. From my testing, it's working very well, but I'd appreciate it if you'd report back if you find any countries that don't properly match a flag icon. Cheers.
    31 March 2013  - UPDATE to v1.6
    New feature: Custom lookups. Just keep typing a new place name after the tz keyword to look up the time in a place without saving it to your saved list. Added support for phyllisstein's Alleyoop auto-updater. [EXPERIMENTAL] - support for autocomplete for adding place names (timezone add). You'll need to add a keyword yourself to the script filter if you want to try it out. The reason I haven't enabled it by default is that I've found it kind of slow and I'm not sure it's actually an improvement over the current method. Let me know what you think.
    [Add a keyword to this script filter if you'd like to try it out] Novelty: Added (unofficial) Antarctica flag to flag repository. (Try tz south pole.   ) ----
    2 April 2013 — UPDATE to v1.61
    Small fix for Dutch (Netherlands) flag matching.  
    22 March 2014 — UPDATE to v1.7
    City List now always shows in the same order. (Achieved by removing “uid” parameter.) Removed Alleyoop updater. ----

    22 March 2014 — UPDATE to v1.7a
        New 256x256px icon
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    bivalvegruff reacted to vitor in DownMedia — Download media from popular sources   
    Updated for Alfred 4.

    To update, download the latest version (same URL) or wait a few days and it’ll prompt you to on next usage, since it uses OneUpdater.
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    bivalvegruff reacted to godbout in Alfred KAT   
    I've updated Alfred KAT, and it's now wayyyyyyy faster (like 5 times). You can download torrents easily while avoiding all the popups.
    It's on Packal and GitHub.
    Packal: http://www.packal.org/workflow/alfred-kat
    GitHub: https://github.com/godbout/alfred-kat/releases
    Have fun!
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    bivalvegruff reacted to Vero in Mail.app search by author, subject or content   
    Thought I should share this workflow I created earlier to search Mail.app
    Use the following keywords to search:
    emfrom to search the sender's name and email address em for a general subject + content search emsubj to search specifically for a subject line You can download it here. Enjoy!
    [Edit: This is the Alfred 3 version of the workflow, updated in 2018]
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    bivalvegruff reacted to troycurtisjr in Do Not Disturb, Limited   
    My first (exported) workflow:
    Do Not Disturb, Limited - Toggle the macOS Do Not Disturb feature, optionally for a specified length of time.



    I was really inspired by CalmNotifications but I always forgot to toggle it back. Plus, I really wanted the indicator to reflect the current status, which didn't happen when the "set a plist value and kill NotificationCenter" method is used.
    Releases | Source
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    bivalvegruff reacted to deanishe in Browse Reddit   
    Added new NSFW option to include subreddits marked "over 18" in search results.
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    bivalvegruff reacted to godbout in Alfred AirPlay / AirPlay Spreader   
    If you need to share your screen with an AirPlay device easily, there's a workflow. It's been updated recently to even remove its iTunes dependency!
    Can be downloaded on GitHub: https://github.com/godbout/alfred-airplay/releases
    Or Packal: http://www.packal.org/workflow/airplay-spreader
    Have fun.
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    bivalvegruff reacted to zusatzstoff in Linguee.de German-English/English-German Dictionary Workflow   
    Hey guys,
    I've created my very first workflow based on the NodeJS framework provided by @tungdang (http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/5488-alfred-workflow-nodejs/). It's a very simple german-english dictionary based on linguee.de. It features autocompletion, auto detection of the input language (german or english) and phrases.
    Installed NodeJS is a precondition
    Download link, description and source can be found here: https://github.com/zusatzstoff/linguee-alfred-workflow
    Feedback for improvement is appreciated
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    bivalvegruff reacted to targumanu in Mac App Store Search   
    The workflow now uses Alfred’s environment variables to get the correct paths to its cache and persistent data storage locations.
    Please re-download.
    To remove the old data in Alfred 2’s cache and data folders, launch Terminal and execute the following commands:
    rm -rf ~/Library/Caches/com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred-2/Workflow\ Data/com.targumanu.ibookssearch rm -rf ~/Library/Application\ Support/Alfred\ 2/Workflow\ Data/com.targumanu.ibookssearch  
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    bivalvegruff reacted to targumanu in Mac App Store Search   
    Search the Mac App Store and view search results with artwork previews right in Alfred.
    Open search results in App Store.app (default behavior) Quick Look search results' preview pages right in Alfred (press Shift, the Quick Look feature must be enabled in Alfred's preferences) Open search results' preview pages in your default browser (modifier key — Command) The workflow's preferences (keyword — masprefs) allow you to set the maximum search results limit and preferred store country, as well as clear the artwork cache.   Additional keywords allow you to open the App Store app's Purchases (“masp”) and Updates (“masu”) tabs.   Download
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    bivalvegruff reacted to GuiB in Using Marta (or an alternative Finder app) with Alfred   
    @bivalvegruff, the output you wrote means that the preference is not set on you computer, you should see an output that only mention: org.yanex.marta
    Did you sent the second command as well? ( defaults delete -g NSFileViewer ) This one is meant to be use if you want to revert back to Finder and should then give the output that you have now when writing defaults read -g NSFileViewer . You can try again with the first command only ( defaults write -g NSFileViewer -string org.yanex.marta; )
    Here is what I get on my side in the Terminal:
    $ defaults write -g NSFileViewer -string org.yanex.marta; $ defaults read -g NSFileViewer org.yanex.marta  
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    bivalvegruff reacted to Andrew in How to "open with" in Alfred   
    @dgbeecher you can actually do this without any configuration using the file selection hotkey under Features > File Search > Actions > File Selection.
    I have set this to alt+f. I select a file in Finder, hit alt+f which shows Alfred's action panel. You can select "Open With" from there
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    bivalvegruff reacted to GuiB in Using Marta (or an alternative Finder app) with Alfred   
    @bivalvegruff, did you restart your computer or session?
    If you write in terminal defaults read -g NSFileViewer you get org.yanex.marta as output?
    Myself, I'm always opening the files using the Reveal in Finder action (CMD+Enter on a standard search or with the Reveal in Finder file action) and it works great on my side. However, if you open your file using only Enter while doing the file search then it seems that you need to also set another preference to Marta like:
    defaults write com.apple.LaunchServices/com.apple.launchservices.secure LSHandlers -array-add '{LSHandlerContentType="public.folder";LSHandlerRoleAll="org.yanex.marta";}' This is all the same as what is explained at the Forklift website, so you can have a look here to have some more info: https://binarynights.com/manual#fileviewer
    Hope this helps!
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    bivalvegruff reacted to geo in Please disable "Command + ,"   
    Why take over "Command + ,"? It is used for virtually every app on Mac for settings. It is super annoying to have to find where to disable this key binding.
    I suggest you not ship future versions of Alfred with this key binding turned on. Thanks!
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    bivalvegruff reacted to vitor in PhotoCoordinates — Open image GPS coordinates in a map   
    Use the Image coordinates in map File Action to open an image’s location in the maps provider of your choice.

    The map_provider Workflow Environment Variable defaults to Apple, but also supports Google.
    Download | Source
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    bivalvegruff reacted to nikivi in Searching Notes in Alfred   
    I used the workflow @deanishe linked above but switched to a different solution all together for all my note taking.
    Now I just write all my notes as markdown files in Sublime Text. I put all the notes in one directory called knowledge that I put in Dropbox for syncing. And I can open any file in this directory with Alfred scoped to the path where the directory lies. I made a workflow for it too.
    On iOS, I use Ulysses app to edit the notes as Ulysses can consume directories of markdown files that are stored on Dropbox. The bonus point of it all is that I can then render all these markdown files to the web with GitBook so anyone can read them. 

    If you want to keep private notes in this setup, I would create a directory in the main repo and git ignore it so it won't be pushed online for all to see.
    This setup works for me and I am super happy with it. Maybe you like it too. I am just not fond of keeping all my notes in a database that only Notes or Bear or any one app can read. Markdown files are super portable. Oh and Sublime Text has vim mode which neither Notes nor Bear nor Ulysses have.
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    bivalvegruff reacted to sballin in Search Apple/iCloud Notes   
    I've created a workflow to find and open Apple/iCloud notes in Notes.app. Get it on Packal and feel free to open issues/make pull requests on GitHub.

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    bivalvegruff reacted to deanishe in quicking add a new event on Calendar (Mac or Google)   
    It's AppleScript.
    Paste it in a Run Script box with Language = /usr/bin/osascript (AS).
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