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  1. needalfredhelp

    Evernote Workflow 9 beta 3

    Hi, thanks for this wonderful workflow, its working really well for me. Is it possible to use this workflow to search for a notebook and then open evernote with this notebook already selected and a list of all the notes within this notebook?
  2. I am having a wierd issue while using this workflow. I can only use certain aspects of this workflow, while others are not working. For example when i type '.v' followed by the name of one of mcustom perspectives, it works fine fine. However when i try any of the other search terms like '.r', '.d', '.sa etc, the workflow shoes me an error. I am using macOS Mojave and Alfred 3.7 I have already gone into my secruity preference pane and granted Ful Disk Access to Alfred.
  3. needalfredhelp

    Search email?

    I just followed the instructions in the link you sent and i added Alfred to the section that says Full Disk Access in the Security and Privacy preference pane. This has solved the issue! Thank you so much!
  4. needalfredhelp

    Search email?

    I also just tried to widen the scope of search to includ eeverything on my entire harddisk, and I am still not able to find anything with the workflow. The very instant i start typing the first letter of the search quiery, Alfred switches from searching within mail to searching the fallback options. I am also having this same issue with some other workflows which is supposed to search my Omnifcous inbox.
  5. needalfredhelp

    Search email?

    Hi, thanks for your replies. I am using macOS Mojave, and I am using the latest verion of Alfred as I only purchased/downloaded it a few days ago. I am running the same setup on my Macbook Pro as well as my imac at my workplace. My email client of choice is Mail.app by apple across all my devices. I don't understand why Alred would immediately switch back to the fallback search options as soon as i start typing a quiery. I think there is something wrong in the way the workflow is setup on my computer. I am still stumped by this.
  6. needalfredhelp

    Search email?

    Hi All, need help with the Search mail.app workflow. WHen i type in 'em", alfred gives me the option to 'Search mail However once i start typing in my search quiery, it changes the option to 'Search Google'. Essentially this means i cannot use this workflow at all because as soon as i type in a quiery, the optino to search within my email disappears.