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    Dasblatz reacted to AlexMartinFR in Mojave Accented Dark & Light Themes Collection + Theme Switcher Workflow   
    I added a workflow to go with this set of Themes, you can find it on the same Github repo in the Workflows folder
    It features two commands :
    "theme" : toggle between Dark & Light themes for both macOS & Alfred.
    "theme red" : switch to the Red Accented Alfred Theme.
    Here is a screenshot of the MojaveThemeSwitcher and its options:

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    Dasblatz reacted to Miko in macOS Mojave Dark Mode Workflow for Alfred v.0.5   
    @Dasblatz  including the Alfred theme switch.   The workflow is a separate install as I prefer using a custom Aflred theme
    I didn't include the toggle as it was only changing the Alfred theme to light.
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    Dasblatz reacted to Diegobit in Spacious (another Spotlight inspired theme)   
    I want to share a theme I made, it's not particularly original, but it better suits my taste 

    Spacious Dark

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    Dasblatz reacted to Miko in macOS Mojave Dark Mode Workflow for Alfred v.0.5   
    Dark Mode Workflow for Alfred v.0.5

    Enable Dark Mode or Light Mode on macOS Mojave using Alfred
    Download Dark Mode WorkFlow
    Download Dark Mode WorkFlow (Alfred Theme + macOS Mojave)
    This version includes the ability to switch Alfred theme to Alfred Mac OS and Alfred MacOS Dark.
    Double click on the "Dark Mode Workflow for Alfred 0.5.alfredworkflow" workflow that you have just downloaded.
    More info: https://www.alfredapp.com/help/workflows/  
    use darkmode to enable Dark Mode
    use lightmode to enable Light Mode
    use togglemode to toggle between Dark Mode and Light Mode
    Within the WorkFlow settings in Alfred, you can add your custom Hotkey to trigger the three commands
    MIT © 2018 Miko Magni
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    Dasblatz reacted to mickaphd in Dark Mojave   
    A simple theme for Mojave

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