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  1. Oooh, that's very interesting. Look: /Applications/Final Draft 11.app Unable to obtain metadata for this file! Raw mdls File Metadata ====================== /Applications/Final Draft 11.app: could not find /Applications/Final Draft 11.app. Thanks for the tool: I don't understand why it's not getting metadata when I can open and run that app just fine, but it's a big clue, isn't it? deanishe I've also tried the Reload command and it doesn't seem to have made a difference yet now I'm not surprised. One more thing I've found that's not
  2. Thanks. It's *all* apps and they are all in the regular Applications folder. Regardless of any app I search for, it gives me the option to search Google and so on instead of my Mac. William
  3. Alfred won't find any app I search for to launch. I do see that there have been threads about this before but, so far as I can tell, those seem to be cases where neither Alfred nor Spotlight can find them. And in my case, Spotlight is working fine. I'm on the latest version of Alfred but this has happened since I moved to macOS Mojave and a new boot drive. I thought at first it was an indexing thing and that it would sort itself out but not so far. And as I say, Spotlight finds everything right away so the indexing appears complete. Thanks for any help, William
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