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  1. Hey sorry, I never saw this reply. I now have notify turned on in here 😁. Adding Google Drive File Stream to my Alfred search scope works (defaults to looking like a mounted drive and has path of /Volumes/GoogleDrive) and I see file and folder results. Because the files are streamed when opened and not really there by default, I added a "File Search > No Previews In" for the path to prevent potential unnecessary Internet traffic for previews as I use Alfred to search. When I drag a file from GDFS into the Metadata tool, it works as expected... the tool freezes a minute while I see the GDFS menu icon "spinning" indicating it's downloading the file for use (a similar experience to a slow network file server).
  2. Google File Stream was updated in July to support Spotlight, and works great in that app, is there something we need to do in Alfred Search Scope to support it?
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