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  1. Thank you @deanishe. I downloaded the workflow again and replaced the files as you'd described, and now it's working. No idea what was wrong in the first place, but it's working now. :) Thank you for your time.
  2. @deanishe I do have the most recent version of the workflow. When you tried it out, did you use the DATE_FORMAT environment variable or the export_FMT? And for future reference, how would I update workflows I made through ISYN I with new versions? Downloading a new version of the workflow will update the ISYN workflow itself, but does that affect any I've created with the red generating aspect prior to updates?
  3. Sorry, @deanishe I didn’t know you'd want the file. It doesn't let me attach it in here, but you can find it at this dropbox link. Please let me know if there's more info I can provide. Thank you!
  4. Hello, I hope I'm not missing this elsewhere—I've read through the documentation, but I'm not having success with exporting a date format. I've included the DATE_FORMAT in the environment variables, and even tried additionally including it in the Script area of the filter I'm using the date for: Environment Variables: In the specific script filter I've tried having the date column in the workbook set as a Date in the YYYY-MM-DD as well as having it set as "general" non-specified. Regardless, I have the same result where what is copied to the clipboa
  5. Thank you again @deanishe I figured I wasn't understanding the role of things. I still don't quite get the division of the VPN service vs. app. Like I think I pay PIA for their VPN service, but that their app is just one of several choices for managing the service? [It doesn't seem like it, but I promise I have read a lot about this... just seems to not "click" for me!] Is there a way to control the PIA app through scripting and workflows? That's what I'd originally attempted. As I only have PIA, is there a benefit to using another app to manage the connection? (other than that I can finally
  6. Thank you @deanishe I don't know if I am missing something—I see you mention Private Internet Access on the Github page at the bottom when recommending a service, but when I do the "vpnconfig" it only has the options for Tunnelblick and Viscosity. Private Internet Access doesn't show up and I'm not seeing how to set it as my application? I have the feeling I'm conflating PIA with Tunnelblick and Viscocity and that perhaps they are an additional "controler" of the PIA which controls the VPN? (Sorry, even though I've long used a VPN and even gotten a bit handy with scripting things
  7. @groundhogday Thank you for this—I had been trying to do this myself and kept having a zombie process result and have been unable to make it work even after finding the sub and parent processes and trying to "kill" them from the command line. Often I had to restart my computer entirely, as even the PIA app woudl show greyed out in Activity monitor... on but not really. I downloaded your workflow, but am having issues with it as well, similar to @r00tnix It is likely that it's because I have v81 and the GitHub page lists v66 as the supported version. I read over the desc
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