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  1. for api url and token detail, you can read https://gitlab.com/help/api/README.md @bikeNik
  2. @piggah I have test it on our self-host gitlab GitLab version: Community Edition 11.2.3 1d55bc2 There are little difference between two versions
  3. Github address https://github.com/wangshub/Alfred-Gitlab-Tool
  4. Alfred Gitlab Tool Alfred Gitlab dashboard workflow. Navigate projects, issues, merges and todos quickly. Install Dependency Alfred3 Download the newest Gitlab workflow release Click to install. Configure glurl: Set Gitlab url. gltoken: Set Gitlab token. Feature glp: Fuzzy search Gitlab projects. glm: Navigate Gitlab merge requests assigned to you. gli: Search Gitlab issues via API. gltodo: Open Gitlab todos in browser. Question All pull requests, issue
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