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  1. Ah, so obvious - I was getting confused as my keyword is the same as the app name and the results were instantly appearing below the results for the app (and other material) itself. Got it, cheers!
  2. I'm hacking together a script filter to toggle features in an app via Applescript. I've got it working perfectly, except for one caveat: I'd like to immediately list the results after selecting the action in Alfred, without having to wait until the user starts entering their query. I'm letting Alfred filter results and then just pass the selection back to the app's Applescript library to launch the feature. I feel like I'm missing something really obvious.... Thanks!
  3. Hi guys, Love version 2, cracking stuff! I use Alfred to launch various versions and different development build of our apps all the time (I've also updated my 'Open app in language workflow' for v2). Request: I'd love an option to display an applications version number in Alfred's panel: I usually have about three or four versions of an app on my disk at once: - Currently shipping - Currently shipping (Mac App Store) - Currently in development - Development milestone version I can usually figure out which is which based on its path, but a version number would be extremely useful. Bit of a non-mainstream feature I know, but it can't hurt to ask Cheers, Adrian
  4. Sure thing – I'll try to get around to it some time this week…
  5. I’ve updated my Alfred workflow that allows you to quickly open an app in the language of your choice. If you're a developer, tester or translator, you might find this workflow useful. It's available (with instructions) here: http://adrianthomas.org/projects/Alfred-language-switcher-plugin Let me know if you have any suggestions or issues – enjoy!
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