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  1. Hi vitor, thanks for the tip. But ya I was hoping to have the search bar itself flip to the bottom when the Alfred window was placed low enough.
  2. Currently, if you place your Alfred window to appear at the very bottom of you Mac screen, the search bar will be sitting at the bottom, but the search results will shift the whole window up and down based on the results you get. It's jumpy and weird, shifting the search bar as you type. Because of this, you essentially can't put Alfred on the bottom of your screen. My feature suggestion is to have an option for the search results to appear above the search bar, so then you could place the bar at the bottom of your screen (photo attached), and have the search results neatly shift up and down, without the whole window jumping around. I think bottom center of my Mac screen would be a really cool place to put my Alfred window, and have the results expand up into the screen.
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