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  1. @Vero, Thank you for your help, but I erase the macbook and re-install Mojave in the fresh condition. So, I'm not able to reproduce the issue anymore. If I could reproduce the issue, I will post with new thread. Thanks,
  2. Thanks, Vero. Here is the output of the metatool app: /Applications/MacPorts/Emacs.app Internal File Metadata ====================== Display Name: Emacs.app Alt Names: Emacs.app File Type: com.apple.application-file Comments: Keywords: Last Used: 2018-10-30 20:40:22 +0000 Raw mdls File Metadata ====================== _kMDItemDisplayNameWithExtensions = "Emacs.app" _kMDItemEngagementData = <09000000 40ebc3c0 410002> _kMDItemRenderData = <09000000 8042c3c0 41000c01 05> kMDItemAlt
  3. @Vero Thank you for the reply. I've tried your steps above ( creating a new user / re-install alfred with deleting Application + Library Preferences + Allow all permissions in Mojave Security Settings ), but it's not working. However, when I typed "Quit" in the Alfred, it shows the icons I'm looking for. The icon for the App doesn't show up The system has upgraded from previous OS to Mojave. I've tried to "Reload Alfred Cache" and waited for an hour, but it's still same.
  4. Like attached example one, the all icons are not showing properly. Not only doesn't Emacs.app show, but also others doesn't as well. I do "Reload Alfred Cache", but it makes worse. The existing other icons are showing default not the icons from the app. How to fix this?
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