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  1. Thanks for this, to which script do you add this? File name? Is it possible to have this natively inside the extension in the next update? Thanks
  2. And if it helps this is the code from the previous plugin that I was using: on tellthings(w) tell application "Things" parse quicksilver input (w) end tell error number -128 end tellthings on testclass(f) set teststring to "r" try set teststring to (f as integer) end try if (class of teststring) is integer then return true else return false end if end testclass on alfred_script(q) if application "Things" is running then else tell application "Things" to activate tell application "Finder" set visible of process "Things" to false end tell delay 1 end if set x to ""
  3. Oh thanks, then I guess we would have to parse the input with the script and return the date in the standard things format. Or wait for them to fix it.
  4. Would be great if this supports natural language for due dates. In one week, in 3 days, today, tomorrow, on march 3, in 4 months etc., There was another things workflow that did this, but it isn't as feature rich as this one. Thanks a lot!
  5. Is there any easy way to expand the same behavior to other folders? For example, list recent files form ~/Desktop? Thanks a lot!
  6. Thanks, working fine now. It's quite slow though, but obviously that's kippt's fault.
  7. Nice workflow, thanks! Not able to get my API key from that link though?
  8. Never mind, got it to work. Thanks a lot for the workflow! For those who are wondering how to do it, edit the shorten script in the workflow, find & replace: 'bit.ly' : {'api_url':'https://api-ssl.bitly.com/v3/shorten?format=json&login=yourusername&apiKey=yourlegacyapikey&longUrl=','title':'bit.ly','des':'http://targetdomain.com'}, Target domain must be added to your 'custom short domain name' in bit.ly settings.
  9. Works perfectly! Thank you!
  10. Is it just me or do direct links obtained with this workflow expire after sometime? I'm getting a 401 error for a link that worked fine yesterday. Thanks!
  11. Just tried this and it works great, thanks a lot!
  12. This has been working flawlessly for me, just one thing, is there a way to get a shortened link for those 'direct links' too? Something like http://db.tt/A42fai2 instead of https://dl.dropbox.com/1/view/9p8436cit2jlmvg/Public/Comps/24125.png ? Thanks a lot!
  13. Thanks a lot for this. It would be fantastic to have natural language ability here. Enter things like '2 days', 'mar 13', 'next monday'. Not sure how difficult that is though. Thanks again!
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