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  1. It's a small time-savings, yes, but it's also by far my most used task (100's of times a day). I imagine that goes for most users – but I don't have the data to back that up 🙂
  2. @dfay Definitely agree! I suggest it's used for app-switching and -launching only 🙂
  3. Hi guys! Just recently tried the new app Contexts which has the feature of quick-launch, ie. Press Fn (or another pre-selected modifier key) Type your query Releasing Fn activates the query I love this feature as it's so rapid, but in Contexts it doesn't allow for launching of apps. In Alfred I think it could be awesome to have for window-switching and app-launching. What do you think? Martin
  4. @Vero https://github.com/jukben/alfred-emoji – though I wasn't running the latest version, so can't comment on whether this still applies 🙂
  5. @sarimabbas The Emoji AI workflow? I had the same workflow enabled, just removed it. Will post back in a week with how it went!
  6. Hi guys! The bug is as in the title. I have no other text-expanders installed. A reboot fixes the issue, but it gradually re-appears over the next day. I've tried increasing the clipboard delay to 0,9 seconds to no avail. Running alfred 3.7 on 10.14 on a 13" MBA 2012. Any tips? ? Thanks! Martin
  7. A loving bump from me too – this would be awesome for my workflows!
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