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  1. When you type rtm, it will list your "Lists" and you can drill down into them to dispose tasks (you can't add tasks through the drill downs). If you want to add a task, just type "rtm add" and then the task you want to add (you can use rtm smart notation).
  2. I have modified the original post and changed the download link so that it works. I also have added the code into a github repository. Unfortunately I don't have time to work on this at the moment. If anybody feels like running with it, go ahead. I will still monitor this forum thread and help when I am able.
  3. Download the latest controller.py again and run it and see what it gives you now. https://www.dropbox.com/s/wyxp1nj5z6du03d/controller.py in Terminal python controller.py
  4. Would you be okay with upgrading your python? for OSX 10.6-10.8 http://python.org/ftp/python/2.7.3/python-2.7.3-macosx10.6.dmg for OSX 10.3-10.5 http://python.org/ftp/python/2.7.3/python-2.7.3-macosx10.3.dmg
  5. What version of python do you have? I tested it on 2.5-2.7 so far. type at the Terminal python --version
  6. Okay, I didn't test the script on older versions of python. I believe that was the issue. I have made some changes. Download the workflow again from the link in the first post and install it. It will overwrite the one installed. Let me know if that works for you.
  7. Try removing the .milkmaid config file and the doing the auth again from Terminal: rm ~/.milkmaid
  8. Unfortunately I did not write milkmaid and haven't had the issues you are having. Did you get the above error when you tried to generate the auth link again with milkmaid auth start?
  9. Hmmm. Not sure what is going on. Here is the controller.py from the workflow that does the talking to milkmaid. https://www.dropbox.com/s/wyxp1nj5z6du03d/controller.py Can you download it and then, from the directory where you downloaded it to, run: python controller.py and let me know what it outputs? It should output your lists in an xml format but maybe you are getting a python error? Here is a sample output <?xml version="1.0"?> <items> <item uid="1363791460.03" arg="" valid="no" autocomplete="add "> <title>Add A Task...</title> <subtitle></subtitle> <icon>rtm_icon.png</icon> </item> <item uid="1363791460.03" arg="" valid="no" autocomplete="list:1"> <title>1: Inbox</title> <subtitle></subtitle> <icon>rtm_icon.png</icon> </item> <item uid="1363791461.03" arg="" valid="no" autocomplete="list:2"> <title>2: Sent</title> <subtitle></subtitle> <icon>rtm_icon.png</icon> </item> . . . </items>
  10. It means the script is receiving either nothing at all or something unexpected from the milkmaid callout. Try running milkmaid from the command line to make sure it is working. Try this in Terminal: milkmaid list and make sure it outputs your Remember The Milk lists.
  11. Here are the commands to install milkmaid. All commands should be run in Terminal. sudo gem install milkmaid once that is done milkmaid auth start copy the link that is generated and open in a browser, that will authorize the app. You may need to log into RTM. Once that is done milkmaid auth finish
  12. I live on Remember The Milk. Here is a workflow for task adding, traversal, and some task management. It leverages the command line milkmaid (http://rubygems.org/gems/milkmaid). You must have milkmaid installed and authorized to use the workflow. Anyways, here you go: http://bit.ly/135QRHs GitHub: https://github.com/MystykRiver/alfred2-rtm Enjoy! Edit: Change link to download from github. Added github repository.
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