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  1. Hey it's fairly easy and doesn't involve any messing with the theme itself. While in the "Appearance" Menu in the Alfred settings there is an "Options" Button in the lower left corner of the window, in which you can choose to never show subtext. I hope I could help you
  2. Thank you so far! I want to filter the results, by typing part of the name. But this already works. I already have a working script filter that gives me a list of options I can scroll through or search in by typing a portion of the name. What I want to do though is after hitting enter on a specific option in the list it opens a certain URL. The script filter passes the chosen option to the "run script" part (this works already. if I just add "large type" as output instead of a script, it shows the chosen option in large type) and then the "run script" choses what URL to access based on the input it gets from the script filter. I hope that clears it up a bit
  3. Hey guys! I am not a programmer at all, but I am trying to create a workflow for something I use a lot. What the workflow should do is after typing a keyword it presents a list of options (around 35). based on what option I choose it opens a specific URL. I managed to create the list of options after the keyword, but now I am stuck at finding a way to open a specific URL based on the chosen option/query. is there a way similar to this, or am I completely on the wrong way? if {query}="option1" then open -a Safari http://url1.com elif {query}="option2" then open -a Safari http://url2.com else open a- Safari http://url3.com fi Thank you!
  4. The Light version was downloaded about 25% more often. Interesting fact: Most people download both versions, so the Light version is also more downloaded by people who just download one version. With the link it was more a saying pointing to the fact that there is not another link later in my post, but you can download the new version at the same place as the old one. So it is not really the same link, more the same place in my post. English is not my native language, so I apologize if I created confusion here
  5. Yes, I like yours too. I just prefer both Helvetica and slightly rounded corners to make the Alfred window more consistent with OSX. In general I am not a huge fan of Serif fonts in UIs
  6. @leefur thanks, I love yours too! (And that is a good idea) And thank you guys for the support, you just smashed the 500 downloads!
  7. Oh yes I just tried it with safari and it doesn't work. I will take a look at it and try to solve the problem. Until then, just right click the link and click safe file Edit: I use Droplr now and it works with Safari very well now
  8. Must be something with your browser/browser settings. Everybody I asked automatically downloaded the .alfredappearance files and not a txt (which is really strange, because the files on my Dropbox are the .alfredappearance files
  9. Does it download a file? If it just opens the code, right click on the link and download the file. If it downloads the actual file and it shows you code when you open it, right click on the file and open it with alfred
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