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  1. I haven't had any issues using this Alfred workflow to search Notes on Big Sur
  2. Hi @sballin thank you! This worked! I really appreciate it!
  3. I have the exact same problem as @Jasondm007 And this is the only workflow I really notice when it’s no longer working. Hope it gets a fix soon. Thanks a lot.
  4. @sballin Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I updated the app and it's working perfectly again! This is really one of the few workflows which I depend upon every day. If there's a way for us to donate or something to support you, please let me know!
  5. Hi @sballin This is the first time I've done this and it shows a lot of data. I copied the first part which shows the error. Does this help? [2019-01-27 20:34:03][ERROR: input.scriptfilter] JSON error: Unexpected end of file during string parse (expected low-surrogate code point but did not find one). in JSON: {"items": [{"icon": {"type": "default"}, "arg": "x-coredata://6B56A1ED-C957-4AB0-931E-71C6EA9E972C/ICNote/p23847", "subtitle": "Notes | Also I came across this other error when using the 'fn' search which usually works for me.
  6. Hi Sean, I've been a happy user of this workflow for a couple of months, thank you. But last week it mysteriously stopped searching notes and I''m not sure what's going on. I guess this is only me because I haven't heard anyone else on this thread have any issues. What's strange is the folder "fn" search works fine but not the general "n" search. Is there something I can do to get this workflow up and running again? Thanks Reg #!/usr/bin/python import sqlite3 import zlib import re import os def extractNoteBod
  7. Hi @deanishe, I really appreciate your help, thank you! I'll try that.
  8. Hi there, I've been using the workflow created by Sean Ballinger (https://sball.in) http://www.packal.org/workflow/search-apple-notes to search Apple notes but since a week ago it no longer works. I've tried contacting him directly but haven't heard back anything. Is there something I can do to get this workflow up and running again? Thanks Reg
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