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  1. nicooprat

    OCR: extract text from snapshot

    The warning is certainly because you're taking the screenshot on a different monitor than your main one. Can't find anything in Tesseract to avoid this... Simplest workaround is to drag your app window to your main monitor and take the screenshot from there. Results should be much better! By default, Tesseract try to guess language from results, so I guess it should work as is. In the last version of my Alfred script (see https://github.com/nicooprat/alfred-ocr/blob/master/README.md#usage), you can type "OCR [lang]" where "[lang]" is in this list: https://github.com/tesseract-ocr/tesseract/blob/b67ea2c1a70c56053e142a5fb7cc18fb29cdc4b8/src/training/language-specific.sh#L21 I can't help with this one, you should seek help on the Tesseract project: https://github.com/tesseract-ocr/tesseract/issues
  2. nicooprat

    OCR: extract text from snapshot

    I recently added the `lang` parameter with `-l` flag: tesseract /tmp/ocr_snapshot.png stdout -l {query} 2>&1 It should allow you to run the command with `OCR fra` for french for example, but it should still work without any parameter. Tried just now and it works (Mac High Sierra & tesseract 3.05.01). Possible solutions: * add a way in the bash script to remove `-l` flag if `{query}` is undefined (don't know how to do this) * downgrade to tesseract 3 as it seems to behave differently in 4 * remove this part in the bash script if you don't need it (see screenshot attached) Hope it helps.
  3. Hi there, Just sharing my first workflow. Some OCR workflow already exist but are relying on some obscur chinese API with exposed personal credentials... This one use your system own installation of `tesseract`. Just take a snapshot and paste the text. The script usually takes no more than a few seconds. https://github.com/nicooprat/alfred-ocr PR welcome. Hope it helps!