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  1. When I drag the home folder in (in addition to all the other scopes) that are already present, Alfred is able to find the files in ~/Library/CloudStorage. So at least we don't have to widen the scope all the way to "/"
  2. Btw, this does only happen on my personal Mac, which is a 2012 Macbook Pro (non-retina) + SSD w/ Catalina (latest). My work laptop is a 2017 Macbook Pro w/ Mojave, so I guess it's not a fair comparison if the Catalina update broke something.
  3. @Vero Thanks, I already tried those steps from other similar threads. Nothing seemed to help long-term. @Andrew Thank you!! Yes! 4.0.7 b1130 worked like expected! Here's the steps I followed just to make sure: 1. Tried finding a folder in 4.0.2, worked as expected 2. Updated to latest release (4.0.6), same "waiting for results" issue 3. Updated to latest pre-release (4.0.7 b1130), worked just like (1)! Was it a little tweak or something that you made?
  4. In the latest versions of Alfred 4 and Alfred 3, typing something like "f doc" takes way too long to return results. I have been able to track this down to the builds that contain the following changelog: Alfred 4.0.4 Build 1111 Alfred 3.8.3 Build 967 Any build before this change does not face the same issue and displays the results very fast. I had to revert to Alfred 4.0.2 (1088) since Alfred 4.0.3 cachefly link yields a 2 byte dmg.
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