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  1. Added a Dropbox link to first post. Droplr's been getting worse lately.
  2. Posted another update with some improvements and additions: - pbunread lists all bookmarks in "read later queue". when you select and open one here, it is automatically marked as read. - pbreload to force reload data from server.
  3. Posted a little update, Cmd + Click copies URL of a bookmark. Ctrl + Click deletes a bookmark from pinboard. A couple of fixes.
  4. Hi, I just created an alternative Pinboard workflow that allows searching for pinboard bookmarks within Alfred. It can fetch data asynchronously, so there should not be delays during searches and the matching code has some fuzzy logic. Might come in handy for Pinboard users so I wanted to share. NOTE: It requires Node.JS to be installed. Please get it from http://nodejs.org if you dont have Node. Keywords: pinboardauth username:TOKEN <- set access token (get it from https://pinboard.in/settings/password) pb query <- search for query pbunread <- items in read later
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