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  1. The issue was reported upon 1.13.2 version in which I used NorthIsUp's fork. Now I realize that it is a strange log in https://github.com/zjn0505/adb-alfred/issues/33#issue-1241951576 line 16, in <module> from .workflow import Workflow, manager File "/Users/dannysilva/Library/Application Support/Alfred/Alfred.alfredpreferences/workflows/user.workflow.0EEA15B4-F9EB-4477-9569-C03DD844B5B1/workflow/workflow.py", line 25, in <module> import cPickle ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'cPickle' 16:17:51 background.py:241 ERROR [__workflow_update_check] background runner failed with 1 Because actually in that version workflow.py is located under /scripts/workflow/workflow.py, also there shouldn't be cPickle used. At that time I thought it was related to the known issue in the backgroud task when checking workflow update. I have _workflow_update_check error with 1.13.2 version as well, but not from cPickle, and it was not fatal, I could still continue to use the reset functions in the workflow even with that error on my side. I suggested to start workflow without checking updates by initiating with wf = Workflow3(), but still doesn't work. From the 1st video clip and logs attached, the behavior is workflow won't run the 2nd Script Filter action. Even I suggested to remove everything in the 2nd Script Filter action and only add one hardcoded item. It still doesn't work. So I came here and asked in this thread. As suggested here, I created a temporary version with xilopaint's fork. But based on the first video clip in https://github.com/zjn0505/adb-alfred/issues/33#issuecomment-1133585666, the issue is still there. Alfred not proceeds to the second workflow action. It ended after Queuing argument '' [10:09:28.311] adb[[Script Filter](alfredpreferences:workflows%3Eworkflow%3Euser.workflow.2C5DFC7C-6BF2-464B-9708-44D7FC92AFE4%3E86E0AE80-E859-4D5D-B15B-D8631B27C24D)] Queuing argument '' @dcdanny85 Sorry I still cannot reproduce this issue. I have created a new release https://github.com/zjn0505/adb-alfred/releases/tag/v1.13.3, in which I fully migrated to xiloplant's library. I have been using this workflow nearly a hundred times a day and cannot tolerate it doesn't work at all, so I do hope I can unblock the issue for you. Again, now I saw the strange log your have. Maybe you can delete the workflow, and delete ~/Library/Caches/com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred/Workflow Data/xyz.jienan.adb/ folder, and re-import 1.13.3 version to see if it helps or not.
  2. I provided a temporary build with integration of your fork, it got same result from issue reporter that the 2nd Script Filter action not executed. Details in https://github.com/zjn0505/adb-alfred/issues/33#issuecomment-1133585666 I still see the log end at adb[Script Filter] Queuing argument '' I suppose the execution of 2nd Script Filter action should print adb[Script Filter] Script with argv '(null)' finished I am trying to build more features with your fork, as `background.py` is working now. I hope new version will change something.
  3. I forwarded the questions to this thread, need help from the community on this.
  4. https://github.com/zjn0505/adb-alfred/issues/33#issuecomment-1132584599 I got this issue for my workflow that I cannot reproduce it myself. It is a python3 workflow to utilize adb, the CLI tool used by all Android developers. The issue reporter can trigger the first "List devices" Scripti Filter action to show connected phones. When he selected one item to proceed to next Script Filter action "Show device optios", the workflow breaks, and Alfred panel disappears. The log ends when second script filter prints: Queuing argument '' I suggested him to replace the second script to the minimum function to add one hardcoded item, but it is still the same result. The workflow lib is taken from a previous commit of https://github.com/NorthIsUp/alfred-workflow-py3
  5. Nice solution, all the aspects covered. Thank you.
  6. In my use case, I'm doing a tcpip connection to the ip address input as {query}, which is listed as the first item. Also I will save the history of connections, and show them starting from the 2nd place. When those items are selected, it will start to connect as well. It's the history section that I hope to utilize Alfred's auto-sort feature. Now, I just sort by the reading timestamp of last used from db.
  7. Currently in Script Filter, I didn't assign uid to items, so they are arranged in the order of `add_item`. Is there a way to pin one item on the first place and assign uid to others and enable auto-sort to them?
  8. Hi Petru. From my research, that we can't use `adb shell input text {unicodes}` out of box, no matter how it is escaped. Thus there are tools like this one to support unicode input via adb. https://github.com/senzhk/ADBKeyBoard
  9. v1.3.0 is out Add modifiers for "Show app list", to quick launch, uninstall, clear data, force stop and show app info. Add option to extract apk file from devices. "Show app list" -> select package -> "Extract apk file" Add uid to necessary places for auto-sort to prioritize most used items. Improve installation option suggestions, e.g. item of "add 'd' for version downgrade" only appears on necessary.
  10. v 1.2.0 is out there. With two new keywords "apk" and "avd", and improved adb WiFi connection history and app operation shortcuts. "apk" can be used to search local apk files, with package info shown, and the file can be then installed onto attached devices. "avd" can be used to list installed Android emulators, and start a new emulator instance with it.
  11. ADB or Android Debug Bridge is linked to Alfred with this workflow. GitHub release | packal I created this workflow because Android developers like me may need to connect to multiple devices at the same time, and it's painful to add `-s {serial}` every time when using adb for a simple feature. Alfred Workflow is a great tool to show lists and options. So here it is: Dependencies: adb aapt emulator These dependencies are included in Android Studio and Android command line tools. Configurations: Add the following environment variables in workflow settings to support its functions Name Value (example) adb_path ~/Library/Android/sdk/platform-tools/adb aapt_path ~/Library/Android/sdk/build-tools/28.0.3/aapt emulator_path ~/Library/Android/sdk/tools/emulator Features: keyword `adb` To list all connected devices. `adb connect`, `adb disconnect`, `adb reset` are also in this level. WiFi devices will be saved for next time quick connection Select one devices for its operations Input commands like "shell dumpsys -l | grep wifi" in this level, to execute directly in terminal Select "Show app list" to list installed apk, select one for further operations including: Open app info page force stop app launch app clear data uninstall extract apk file to desktop Select "Install apk" to search in local drive for apk files or folders to be (bulk) installed. Currently installed version will be shown, and install operation "-t", "-d", "-g" are supported keyword `apk` Search local apk files with package info shown and install them on attached devices. keyword `apkf` List local apk files under current front Finder window. keyword `avd` List all installed Android emulators and start new emulators References: 109021017/alfred-adb-workflow nassendelft/alfred-android-adb
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