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  1. HI, I just got my MacBook Pro. I created a APFS volume and i put in it my personal files. Alfred is not indexing this volume. Spotlight is brining the information with no issue, but Alfred is not seeing the files i this volume. What's the problem?. Please, help.
  2. @deanishe Hi, You said the following: "It sounds like you want to search through an already-pasted snippet. That isn't really possible from Alfred: once you've inserted a snippet, the text belongs to the app it was inserted in and other apps (like Alfred) can't just search through it". My comment: I totally understand. I am not talking about another app. What simply i want to do is 1- open a .txt file in Mac 2- Command+A (select everything 6k lines) 3- Go to Alfred 3 snippet section. 4- Create a snippet 5- Command+V (to paste). Then i wan to be able to search within this snippet in case i want to look for something. That's set. It is similar to basically when you look for a word in txt file. I want to be able to do the same within the snippet. This is very doable and it can be easily done. It is very beneficial for somebody like me who takes a lot of notes.
  3. I bought Alfred 3 powerback. I have 1250 snippets that used to run on Windows software called ShortKeys. I exported my snippets as text file (only option). i could not bring to Alfred 3. There is no way to import them to Alfred 3 from text file. I will put all of them in one snippet as text. I will just search a keyword when i need info about something. However, there is no option to search within snippet. We really want the ability to search inside snippet for keywords. In my case, i have 6k lines notes in text. I will create a snippet and paste those notes. Then, when i need something, i will open this specific snippet and search inside it. Please, Please add this feature.
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