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  1. HI, I just got my MacBook Pro. I created a APFS volume and i put in it my personal files. Alfred is not indexing this volume. Spotlight is brining the information with no issue, but Alfred is not seeing the files i this volume. What's the problem?. Please, help.
  2. @deanishe Hi, You said the following: "It sounds like you want to search through an already-pasted snippet. That isn't really possible from Alfred: once you've inserted a snippet, the text belongs to the app it was inserted in and other apps (like Alfred) can't just search through it". My comment: I totally understand. I am not talking about another app. What simply i want to do is 1- open a .txt file in Mac 2- Command+A (select everything 6k lines) 3- Go to Alfred 3 snippet section. 4- Create a snippet 5- Command+V (to paste). Then i wan to be able to search within this snippet in case i want
  3. I bought Alfred 3 powerback. I have 1250 snippets that used to run on Windows software called ShortKeys. I exported my snippets as text file (only option). i could not bring to Alfred 3. There is no way to import them to Alfred 3 from text file. I will put all of them in one snippet as text. I will just search a keyword when i need info about something. However, there is no option to search within snippet. We really want the ability to search inside snippet for keywords. In my case, i have 6k lines notes in text. I will create a snippet and paste those notes. Then, when i need something, i wi
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