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  1. A subtle theme inspired by the colour palette of Atom One Light UI. If you prefer the dark variant, then check out this theme instead. - V1: Download
  2. A minimal and sleek theme heavily inspired by the colour palette of Atom One Dark UI. For a light variant, check out this theme. Download V1: Here I hope you enjoy using it, I find it quite soothing to use and works wonderfully with the dark menubar on macOS.
  3. Royal TSX - Quick Connect Version 1.0: Get it here And.... I'm back. Please forgive me all, for this rather long hiatus. Hopefully this little workflow (as always to scratch my own itch) will prove useful to others and will mark my return to more active development and sharing. Now without further delay. This workflow is intended to be used in tandem with Royal TSX. It should hopefully be an improvement of the one provided here. Here's a quick and crappy video showcasing the speed and history. Features: SPEED: This workflow generates a cache of every connection, therefore bypassing the need to re-pool the Royal TSX file every time. This provides greater speed. HISTORY: The workflow stores the last 10 entries and you're able to summon them with a separate query, thus speeding up your most common connections. Usage: Download and install the workflow as all other workflows; On initial run, please update/create the cache file with the query .rtsxupdate. This can take quite some time depending on the size of your file so be patient. Once the cache file is create, you only need to update it if adding/removing connections from your Royal TSX File. To connect to a server, simply type .rtsx query.
  4. Thanks for your help Tyler. I ended up having to go another way. Fortunately it's not a common occurrence so hopeful my workaround will suffice. Cheers, Pedro
  5. Hi Everybody. I've been away for so long that I've forgotten just about everything that I knew from the past. I'm pretty sure that what I want to accomplish is not only possible but also trivial. I just can't seem to find it here. The case is as follows: I type in a script filter and it checks that It's a first run and I should update a cache. Now I already have a separate script filter for that (manually updating the cache). What I want is to present the user with info stating that it's his first run and should use update to refresh the cache. The thing is that with autocomplete this doesn't seem to work as I'd like. I type rt, get info to update and when I tab or action it, the autocomplete simply adds rtupdate so I now have rt rtupdate) to the end. It should replace rt with rtupdate and then allow the user to hit enter. (is this making any sense at all. Is this possible and how? Thanks all in advance.
  6. HI, Have you updated to Mavericks? Could be something wrong with due to that. As soon as I have a little more time I intend to fully rewrite this workflow in a more optimised way with newer features too.
  7. Hi, Totally forgot about this request. I've put it on my todo list and will surely try and implement it if possible. Cheers, Pedro
  8. Hi Michael. Thanks for the update on this. I haven't gotten my hands on 10.9 yet so couldn't test it yet. I'll be sure to look into this when I've got Mavericks. Cheer, Pedro
  9. Hi, Currently there seems to be no way of exposing Smart Mailboxes with AppleScript so I can't really help there.
  10. I'll look into it, but I'm not too sure it's possible with AppleScript. Maybe Keyboard Maestro could easily do the trick. (Come to think about it, it's also something that nothers me from time to time, so I?ll definitely look into it)
  11. Hi Andre, Sorry for the delay, but I've been AWOL for a while. I'm happy you sorted your problem and are happy with the workflow. Cheers, Pedro
  12. Thanks lmartins, I'm happy you like it. I created this precisely because I missed those features from Postbox.
  13. Hi, Sorry for the delay, I've been absent for a while but hopefully I'll have more time in the months to come. I'm happy that you sorted it out though. Cheers, Pedro
  14. Never mind. I managed to replicate the error. I was doing it the wrong way. Simply had it ticked in the menu and not preferences so it wasn't globally set. I'll try and look into this. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for catching that bug (don't really use that feature so I'd never have caught it)
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