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  1. @deanishe Thank you very much! By clicking on the URL link you can join Alfred directly, this is a solution I never thought of! Great! At the same time, I apologize for taking up a lot of your time because of this problem! Due to language barriers, forum users will have problems with one kind or another, but I think you are really serious about helping me solve problems! Express my gratitude again! ! !
  2. Thank you very much for your reply! But I still can't design a "Web Search" project for the search site: https://searx.me. I have tried to provide you with: alfred://customsearch/searx.me/searx/utf8/%2B/https%3A%2F%2Fsearx.me%2F%3Fq%3D%7Bquery%7D Paste into the search URL. Also try to drop alfred in the past, then add "https://" in front, or add "https://searx.me", but none of them succeeded. I have carefully read the pictures you sent, and the messages. To be honest, for those who don't have professional IT skills and knowledge, I don't understand the "Inspect Element" and the pictures that you said! In fact, I just want to use Alfred's custom feature to add a "Web Search" project that uses the "https://searx.me" website to search. I indicated in the Alfred manual that I need to find a segment like "?q={query}" on the website (the website I need to define). But the ones you provided were not successful. The problem now is that I don't know what to fill in after "search URL:", you can just tell it! Thanks again for your response and the time you spent on the post. The above content is all GOOGLE translation.
  3. @deanishe @vitor First of all, thank you for your reply from the two message holders! Secondly, I would like to make a note on this post: As a result of my fondness for Alfred, in support of Alfred, I purchased the genuine Alfred 3 Powerpack; I am a Chinese user, although I regret that Alfred has not done Chinese translation, including software interface and Support website, but it is undeniable that Alfred can be very good use in the Chinese environment. However, because of language barriers, many of the problems in the use of the process can only be solved through Google translation, While most of the questions can be understood through Alfred's official support website, it is also known that there is still a big difference between Google translation and IT professional translation, and there are some words that cannot be expressed according to IT professional translations, so it can cause some confusion and distress The question raised about my post is about designing an entry for your own WEB SEARCH. I would like to be able to add about the site in Alfred: Https://searx.me to facilitate the call to Alfred for a quick search. However, according to the explanation in the Alfred User support manual: “Custom searches allow you to setup search queries for sites you use regularly, but are not included in Alfred's default searches. Find out the search URL on the site of your choice, then replace the query with {query} in curly brackets. Use the test search to ensure your search works as expected then click "Save" to add your new query.” However, the Searx.me website is an anonymous "meta-search engine" that attaches great importance to privacy (which is why I need it). It did not easily find the URL ("{query}" could not be found), as described in the Alfred User manual. In this case, for the ordinary users who are not it experts, but also do not understand what to do! And you can't search for similar answers on the web! If it is a general website I am fully able to follow the user manual prompts for the solution, not to mention that I did make several of my own needs of the "WEB SEARCH." That's why I sent this sticker for help. I am also very supportive of the "concept of Time" proposed by two of the message holders, but the difference is: A If you don't look closely at the software usage Help or the software support manual for users to ask very "retarded" questions to the forum random posting asking for help, I think it should be like two of the message people said, need to have a good education. B if the software uses Help or the software support manual does not mention the problem, then for the understanding of more "experts" should be helpful, even if it is a help hint. I saw a message from two people, and I personally felt: A. Perhaps my question is not specific and clear enough, resulting in a misunderstanding of the helper; B. For the help of the caller, Alfred's experts feel that it is up to the user to spend more time on their own to study and solve; C. For the help of the caller, Alfred's experts felt that a paid answer should be made. But in any case, if Alfred's experts ask to value the "time" of the individual, or even use "a small donation as a symbol of their appreciation," then I think this is the failure of the Alfred Forum. Alfred is a commercial software for MacOS users, similar software, such as "Quicksilver" or "Launchbar" are very good, but also a strong competitor of Alfred! If Alfred is now satisfied with the size of the current paying user, it can hire or welcome the "experts" above to serve its users. Because the number of users is enough to keep them going, we completely ignore the help that users need. If Alfred wants to be able to grow better to attract more customers, or even win over "Quicksilver" or "Launchbar" customers, then hope that the above "experts" please take every user seriously. The world is very big, although there are a lot of things to help others can be measured in money, but the real help is selfless!!! I personally target some experts, but I would like to put forward some personal ideas for different ways of thinking. Please do not sit down. All of the above use GOOGLE translation.
  4. Which one can help me a favor! I need this search engine: Https://searx.me/ Designed as Alfred workflow! Greatful
  5. Thank you very much! I have already done the Workflows for this site according to the URL you provided! If you can, can you tell me why you need to use this URL!
  6. Thank you very much for your reply! Ask again, for https://www.startpage.com/ What about this search engine? How to quickly customize an Alfred web search?
  7. I came across a website: https://www.jiumodiary.com/ After the search results returned, I found no {query} in the URL bar! Excuse me, how can I set the Search URL in web search in Alfred?
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