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  1. @tuxtux00 I updated the link for you. Sorry for the link not working. I had the workflow with droplr before and I was unaware the link stopped working. I've moved the workflow to my dropbox so it should stay up moving forward. Thanks Vitor for taking the time to make an awesome video.
  2. Great work! I love being able to quickly open all iCloud tabs. Thanks!
  3. Awesome work. Just what I was looking for. Thanks for contributing. =)
  4. Works perfectly! Finally, Chrome Bookmarks done right! Good work sir.
  5. Thanks. This lets you eject dmgs (install files) Saving the time to find the volume to drag to trash can. Good work!
  6. Duplicating finder windows is so fast and easy now. Thanks for sharing!
  7. This works perfectly for me! Thanks for sharing!
  8. Very Cool! Good work and thanks for sharing!
  9. Glad you like it. =)
  10. Impressive! You've really taken the idea to the next level.
  11. Woooow! Amazing! This should be built into alfred! Great work!
  12. Very cool! I'm looking forward to using this. Thanks Daniel!
  13. Interesting. I'll look into, if you can build on top of the workflow, by all means Thanks.
  14. This opens up iTunes Trailers on apple.com/trailers. There's a cool icon too. Enjoy! Download here
  15. For all my Coda 2 users out there. This is an action to open folders in Coda 2. Download Here **Moved file from droplr to dropbox. The link should stay up now. Enjoy! =)
  16. Awesome! Just what I was looking for! Good work sir.
  17. Hide All Windows Download here Show All Windows Download here Just type "hide" to hide all windows and "show" to show them all back. Works with Finder Windows too! Enjoy guys! Sam
  18. Here's the Google Chrome Blur Theme that I used in the example. Make sure to use the Alfred Blur Workflow to set transparency to 3. Enjoy! Download here: http://d.pr/f/Vy6q
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