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  1. Hi @deanishe, is there a way to have this workflow open the zoom app instead of going through a browser?
  2. Hi Vitor, in the Hotkey Trigger you could select "Current Alfred Selection" as the argument. This would allow you to create shortcuts that trigger workflows based on the currently selected Alfred item such as Rename, Get Info, Duplicate, etc.. Coincidentally, "Text selection in macOS" seems like another great argument to add here!
  3. This only works if you're performing a top level search. Was hoping for something that would completely reset Alfred to the empty state when it is first triggered eg. you're navigating a folder or on the file actions menu. Done.
  4. I often find myself longing for the ability to change the folder sort type with a shortcut instead of having to use the mouse e.g. "Sort by Name / Creation Date / Last Modified Date". It would be great if the sort type and direction could be saved per folder e.g. downloads = created/desc Lastly, being able to hold a modifier when navigating into a folder to override the sort type would be another great upgrade to this request e.g. Cmd-Right Arrow would navigate into the folder and sort by "Last Modified Date"
  5. Would be awesome if we could create Actions for other types of content. e.g. similar to File Actions you could add Text Actions, Url Actions, etc.. This would allow for things such as text manipulation (e.g. Mardown, convert to upper case, etc..). This would really fly with the ability to send the highlighted text to Alfred.
  6. Would be awesome to have the ability to trigger a workflow on the selected object in Alfred e.g. add a "Current Alfred Selection" to the arguments dropdown. I know File Actions can accomplish some of this but they also require multiple additional steps. This would allow users to perform actions such as rename, get info, duplicate, etc.. on the selected file.
  7. Allow Workflows to configure their own settings for showing results subtext/subtitle. I'd prefer to have this setting turned off by default but disabling this renders many workflows useless as they use the subtitle for critical information. Ideally I'd like to configure this to off globally and then toggle it on for any workflows that it makes sense for. Carved out some suggestions from the mega thread I posted earlier.
  8. It would be great to have an option to show all "File Actions" flattened in one list instead of having to first select an additional action and then see its actions. Ideally this could be added as an option to each File Action so that the user could specify their own settings similar to the "Show these keywords in Default Results" used in Apple Music settings. Example Actions: Open with... Copy to... Move to... Built-in actions like "Copy to" vs "Move to" could be accomplished using key modifiers e.g. Cmd, Ctrl Carved out s
  9. Carving out some Clipboard suggestions from the suggestions mega thread I posted earlier. Ability to quickly paste an item from the clipboard by holding down hotkey, cycling through, and then release to select, similar to how alt-tab works. Also requested in this thread More faithful clipboard history Ability to preview items in the clipboard history. Increase the font size of the preview text in clipboard manager... text is to small to read Remove newlines for clipboard viewer so previews shows multiple lines
  10. Over the years using Alfred I started capturing small tweaks that I think would make a HUGE difference in the day-to-day usability and efficiency of this tool. Some of these may be bigger requests than others but most of them have to do with removing friction here and there to boost efficiency in an app that already does this so well. Apologies in advance... this list grew a lot bigger than I had planned so instead of creating individual posts i've consolidated them all into this post below Suggestions: Triggering Alfred when it's already visible sh
  11. That’s a fair point, however I was framing it more from the users perspective i.e. Alfred is the app that decided not to copy all clipboard types due it's efficiency first approach. As an end user though I have no clue about this and only know that when I try to paste an affected object type using the clipboard manager the result is not what I think it should... moving this more along the spectrum and closer to a bug than feature request.
  12. +10! Just wanted to add my vote here as well. I run into this issue daily with a design app I use called Sketch which Alfred mistakenly pastes a set of copied objects as an image instead of the individual objects. This issue, plus the "release to paste" behavior mentioned in this post are the reasons I still use Launchbar as my daily clipboard manager. Would love to see Alfred gain these features.
  13. Great news! I'll keep an eye out for the new release.
  14. @Mr Pennyworth, what a clever solution! This allows me to use the same shortcut to step through each history item which is a lot better than the default setting! The only thing I'm now missing is a way to paste the item after releasing "Cmd-/". Any way to get that part working?
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