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  1. Awesome, thanks for the thoughtful response!
  2. I'm interested in both the main hotkey and the clipboard history hotkey.
  3. @Vero The problem with ⌥Space is that it's hard to hit it without moving your left hand away from its base position. As to ⌃Enter, you're right, it's not a good hotkey. @mayuzumi Double tap shortcuts feel significantly slower than single tap shortcuts.
  4. How about ⌃Enter, has anyone used that? I don't know of any app that uses it and yet, it seems pretty convenient.
  5. The default hotkey is ⌘Space, but it's already taken by another app I use and also, I find it uncomfortable. I want a custom hotkey. Can you help me choose one? What are the most common custom hotkeys that people use?
  6. I removed /usr/local/Cellar and I still see results from that folder in my searches. Do I have to somehow rebuild the index? Thanks!
  7. Thanks, for some reason I didn't notice the link earlier, I appreciate your help!
  8. Awesome, thanks! Would you mind telling me what makes you think it's installed by brew? Is `Cellar` a folder that brew creates? Thanks!
  9. When I search for iTerm I get 3 results instead of one. Here's what it looks like: Does anyone know what these other results are and why they appear? This is on a brand new MacOS installation that only has brew, zsh and a few other command line tools installed. Thanks!
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