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  1. rrashkov

    Some apps showing twice

    Ok, this has been resolved in the other topic for the missing icons. Thanks
  2. rrashkov

    Icons are not showing properly

    Awesome, the 3.7.1 b944 pre-release fixed the missing icons issue for me as well 🎉
  3. rrashkov

    Some apps showing twice

    Thanks @Vero I did the reload, and the re-index. As a result, the dual entries are gone now, but I also lost my app icons Did just about everything in but they still don't show up. Latest version of Alfred with Powerpack, Mojave 10.14.1 (updated from previous versions)
  4. rrashkov

    Some apps showing twice

    Seems that some (but not all) apps are showing twice when searching for them, not sure what is causing it?