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  1. Well, at least you're offering real solutions. Will this operate on a timer?
  2. Well if I need to, apparently the automator app has a way I can just record mouse strokes, and that's free with the app.
  3. The only reason I'm hesitant to bring in another Apple automation app to cue the scripts is because I'm already using 3 automation systems to run the station, and I downloaded Alfred to automate those. So with another app, I will have an app to automate the app that's automating the radio station's automating apps. Sound frustrating?
  4. Good to know. But look, I never claimed anyone was trying to rip me off. I claimed that I was upset because an application designed to simply create and run Apple Scripts that costs $26 for the basic "power pack" doesn't have the capability to run scripts at a specific date and time. It seems like too simple of an add on to not exist. There are no third party "work flows" that might incorporate the running of a script at a specific day and time? Here's what I am trying to do. I need to program various Mac applications and iTunes Playlists to trigger specific tasks when I need them to. For example, I need the butt (broadcast using this tool) application to trigger the 'Go Live' (PLAY button) function at 7 PM nightly, and at the same time, have an iTunes playlist play that is connected to a live stream from a talk show called Free Talk Live (one of my network's affiliates). Then, at 10 PM, I need the butt application to stop live streaming (STOP button) and, at the same time, I need the network automation live stream pulled up on Google Chrome which I have saved as a Chrome bookmark, and have the page set to refresh itself every 30 minutes in case of playback error. That's just one example of something that I need done. It sounds like Alfred could probably do ALL of this, except trigger at the specific day and time I need it to automatically.
  5. This can't still be true in Dec. 2018!!! I'm super pissed that I purchased this app specifically for this functionality only to find out that this app doesn't do this. Like I'm MEGA pissed right now. Everyone I talked to told me this app was an easy to use way to create apple script style workflows which is exactly what I need to automate my radio station on this computer. Super upset with this.
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