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  1. I often wish I could trigger a workflow input object by one of several keywords, rather than just the one. I have a lot of workflows and often find myself forgetting which keyword to use. Having a couple different options might make it a little easier. Thanks.
  2. The only files/folders that show as being modified today are ~/Library/Application Support/Alfred 3/Databases and ~/Library/Application Support/Alfred 3/usage.data. How can that be? Is there a solution there (please)?
  3. Oh, god. Please help me. After updating to Alfred 3.7.1, all my data, including weeks (months?) worth of workflows are completely gone. They are not in ~/Library/Application Support/Alfred 3/. They are not in ~/Library/Application Support/Alfred 3/Alfred.alfredpreferences. They are not in Dropbox folder or Dropbox website. They are not inside any package contents. The "synced" Alfred Preferences file, which I synced with Dropbox right before updating, is empty: There's nothing inside it. 0 Bytes. Please tell me this isn't as bad as I think it is. Ready to jump off a bridge.
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