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  1. Quickly get to oh-my-zsh plugin documentation. Constantly having to click through Github has been a huge pain when I'm trying to learn new aliases. This workflow cuts out a few steps from that process at least. Hope it can be useful to something else. Let me know if there are any other features would be useful. http://www.packal.org/workflow/oh-my-zsh
  2. I know! Not technically a workflow but I thought I'd come here to show it off anyway. One of the frustrating things about any development project is the initial setup. That's where Yeoman comes in. It is a code scaffolding tool most regularly used to make java/frontend applications, but it is conveniently easy enough to make anything... like the basic structure of an Alfred workflow. I have not personally written a workflow in python, but I thought this could be useful to a lot more people than my crystal Alfred library (weird_al shameless plug!). So without further ado, here is my generator-alfred-python. Just make a blank workflow and go to it in the terminal. Run: then pick a name for your workflow: and voila! you have start of a successful Alfred workflow. To see more, check out the project here.
  3. http://www.packal.org/workflow/gocd Want to easily access your pipelines on GoCD? Check this out! This is my first, published Alfred workflow, please provide any feedback you wish. With the version of GoCD we are on, it is very slow to get to the pipeline I'm looking for (we have over 800 😱) through the UI. I was inspired by the Github workflow to simply use Alfred to get where I want quicker. Setup: - Add your instance's base url through gocd-baseurl - Supply your username with gocd-username - Supply your password with gocd-password (uses your keychain for storage) * Currently tested on GoCD api version 16.12.0 but should work on the latest versions
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