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  1. You rock! That did it. I figured it had something to do with using migration assistant. Thank you so much!
  2. Do you have any additional information for this issue? Any additional thoughts on how to troubleshoot this issue?
  3. Hi @Vero. Thanks for the quick response. No, I'm just trying to add both macs to my Remote so that I can see two icons as you have in the first image you shared above. When trying to add m second mac, it seems to succeed, but I only see the icon of one mac...never two.
  4. I have Alfred 3.7.1 running on two different MacBook Pros -- both running 10.14.2 (Mojave). I have the latest Alfred Remote app on my iPhone which is running iOS 12.1.2. I can successfully add the iOS Remote to one Mac, but then when I try to add it to the second Mac using the "Add" link in top right of the connection screen on the Alfred Remote app, it will never connect. If I chose the "Direct" connection option from the "Looking for Alfred" screen, then the connection seems successful, but I still only see one of my Macs listed on the "Alfred Remote" screen. The IP address of the Mac that is listed is that of the second Mac I connected (the one I connected using the "Direct" option), but sometimes the name listed above the IP address is the name of the first Mac and sometimes it is the name of the second Mac....even though the IP address is always the second Mac. I get the same behavior no matter which Mac I connect first. I have tried uninstalling Alfred on both Macs, uninstalling and reinstalling the Alfred Remote app. I have tried naming my computers thinking that they were too similar or that Alfred only used the first X characters to differentiate the computers (the names were originally "Del's MacBook Pro #1" and "Del's MacBook Pro #2"). I even bought a second Powerpack license thinking that perhaps I needed a second license to use the second computer with Remote. Not sure what I'm doing wrong here. I've tried to follow the instructions very carefully, but it seems something still doesn't work correctly. Oh...in case it's important, the second computer is a "copy" of the first that I used migration assistant to set up. But I did uninstall and re-install Alfred on both computers as part of my troubleshooting...so I'm not sure if that is a relevant detail or not.
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