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  1. Deanishe - actually i'm looking for a paid service, we unfortunately don't have any dev skills. How much would a workflow like this cost us ?
  2. Thank you very much for your reply deanishe My ideal workflow : Task Creation : wk search project/folder -> create task -> title -> assignee -> due date Task Search wk search tasks -> view tasks -> link to tasks in wrike Task Time log wk search tasks -> log minutes spent on task Let me know what you think Sam
  3. Dear All, Happy new year - wish you a productive year! We are looking for some help creating a Workflow for a project management software called WRIKE. WRIKE has an existing API (https://developers.wrike.com/) Workflows could include : Task creation from Alfred Task lookup from Alfred Time losing on task from Alfred We would be willing to make a donation if you could help us create something like this! Wrike is very similar to OmniFocus which already has a workflow. Tagging some users that
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