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  1. Thanks, that's what I'm trying to get to. 🙂 I'm convinced that the 'muscle memory' of pausing, rewinding etc. using a foot pedal (as you do with transcription) whilst pouring mental energy into the doing side of on-line learning keeps the two activities separate in a useful way. Imagine that you could stand on the brakes and rewind in class when the teacher says something that you just need to have repeated without taking your hands off the controls.
  2. Thanks, I understand but I was (and remain ) hopeful. Being able to use a foot pedal to add a foot driven dimension to the (admitedly sophisticated) single dimension of keyboard entry is appealing. I thought it worthwhile asking here because Alfred does exactly that in some sense -it makes the keyboard better, able to reach further, and be faster. My experience to date with the foot pedals for transcription suggests to me that an Alfred that knows about foot pedals could be a very interesting beast indeed!
  3. Hi, Yep, the pedal can be set up to send keystrokes (I'm looking for the right mac software for this). I was thinking that to do what I want it would be necessary to note which window is in focus, switch to chrome, execute the action (say rewind 10 seconds), switch focus back to the window that was originally in focus and end (panting) ready to carry on as if nothing had happened. It would be so cool if Alfred just knew about foot pedals and was therefore could generate the necessary keystrokes. I'm really unsure if this is the right track. It just seems that this type of functionality would be really helpful. Soooo many people are turning to on-line video based education that need something like this. It is just tiresome to flip back and forth between windows that are often very similar looking but one is a video and the other is your stop-start-hesitate effort to follow along in parallel. Cheers, Chris
  4. Hi, I'm new -forgive me... I really like Alfred 🙂 I have a question. Can anyone help me figure out the best way to solve a problem. I would like to control Udemy videos in Chrome (or any other browser I guess) with a 3 key foot pedal (play, back 10 seconds, forward 10 seconds) whilst doing what the Udemy course is instructing me to do in another window or windows (usually an editor and a perhaps a program window). I was thinking that if I could use Alfred to respond to the foot pedal to control the Udemy content then I could bravely battle on with the keyboard with the rest. Is this even possible? Am I even thinking about this the right way? If this has been dealt with under search terms that I didn't think of I'm really sorry. Thanks for tuning in... Chris
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